Enmeshed-to catch or entangle in or as if in meshes Venture-an undertaking involving chance or risk. Chide-to speak disapprovingly to. Outskirts-the outlying parts, borders. Janitors-a person who has the care off building Contemplate-to view or consider with continued attention Muslin-a plain-woven sheer to coarse cotton fabric Juvenile-showing incomplete development 4. 8 Who-questions: 1. Who was Kim Young k? 2. When did he start to write a novel? 3. What did the writer's roommate say to him? 4. What was the writer's problem during writing novels? 5.

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What was happen in the library? 6. What did he send by railway express each month? 7. What did the writer imagine while he was watching the falling snow? 8. What was the first story that was published? 5. Cluster 6. Annotation in the book. 7. Double entry notes. Dialog between the writer and his roommate. "If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time in this country. It is impossible even for American writer who has mastered his own language to publish a book. "(p. 42) I am glad that the writer didn't listen to his roommate and he didn't give up. He kept writing and learning English.

As a result, he has achieved success. Kim Young many attempts to send his manuscripts. "l kept up the game of mailing and receiving my novel manuscript as well as several short stories. "(p. 43) Poor writer, he probably lost his hope for a while when he was sending his novels with no good answer. The author's weird fantasy about a pair of Korean wedding shoes. "l imagined that I saw a pair of Korean wedding shoes walking away from me in the snow. "(p. 44) I liked his story about wedding shoes and "After my stories had been accepted by the Mademoiselle, Bethought Occurs, and The

New York Timer, I returned to my homeland after spending ten years in America. "(p. 45) This is a beautiful example for everyone who wants to learn English but sometimes looking for a reason not to study. 8. Journal reflection I liked reading this essay because it gives me many things to think about. First, it shows me how I have to do my best to learn English. Second, do not listen to other people advises like, "if I were you, I wouldn't do that... ," yes, they are not me. Finally, of course, never give up and always improving own skills.