the olympics began in about 776 bc. archiologists originated from
funeral ceramonies held in the honor of heros. games originated in
greece. after 393ad, the roman emperor forbid the games to be held. in
1896, the first modern olympics were held in athens, greece. the
international congress of paris agreed to hold the games every 4 years.

the olypic games cosist of games on water, ice, land and snow. the
winter olympics are held every 4 years also. they are held inbetween
the regular olmpics. the olympic motto is SWIFTER, HIGHER, STRONGER.

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when the olympics begin, opening ceramonies are held. a torch that has
been carried on a long route to its destination, lights a huge,
symbolic torch in the stadium where the games are to be held.

my athelete was apolo ohno. he was born on may 22, 1982 in seattle
washington, where he still resides. he won the gold medal in short
track speed skating for mens 1500 mt. he also won the silver medal
for the 1000 m.

Ohno captured the World Cup title at every distance
(500, 1000, 1500 meters) on his way to winning the overall World
Cup title.

We swear that we will take part in these Olympic Games
in the true spirit of sportsmanship, and that we will
respect and abide by the rules that govern them, for
the glory of sport and the honor of our country.

The Olympic Flame is lit with a torch that is brought by a relay of athletes from the ruins of ancient Olympia in Greece. When the Games are completed, the flag is lowered and the flame extinguished.