author of i know why the caged bird cannot read
Francing prose
What is prose's main argument
The way that high school teachers teach children about classic novels set them up for failure because they bore them and make them hate learning.
What are some of prose's mian claims
- school education and curriculum makes reading boring
- must teach adolescents properly/very imprintable
- dont focus on analyzing instead appreciating
- uses well known novels to relate
Discuss three appeals to ethos
She is a well known critic and novelist. Sites each of her many sources. Has first hand experience in being a mom
Why does she start out with such strong languag? Does she risk putting off readers who do not share her views and give eamples of strong language.
Prose seems as though she is attacking anyone who does not share her views. She personally addresses teachers by callign them lazy and implying they are stupid. Her imposing word choice definitely risks outting audience members off. Her argument is invalidating by her constantly refering to her own sons and use no statistics or intrviews of how other people feel on the subject. Not once does she adress a counter argument. The only time she conceeds in the slightest is in remembering one teacher that she enjoyed but it is followed by more criticism of bad teachers today.
Examples of logos
Uses big idea to little idea- bad curriculum leads to illerteracy
Does prose assume that her audience has read the novels she mentions
Prose gives a short summary of each book she mentions.
Fallacies of i know why the caged bird cannot read
Hasty generalization- uses personal experience to condemn all teachers. Ad hominem- attacks all teachers instead of focusing on changing curriculum
What is ironic about ikwcbcr
Prose spends the entirety of this argument ranting about how children are unmotivated to read because they are not taught how to process info. Yet, she goes on an 8 page rant that uses phrases not even an educated student could understand
Author of a talk to teachers
James baldwin
Ethos of a talk to teachers
Baldwin is an acclaimed novelist critic and lecturer, personal life experience from growing up as a black man
Pathos- a talk to teachers
Baldwin frequently mentions his personal experience from growing up in a ghetto and his time spent on buses. He mentions an anonymous kid who cannot seem to undertsnad why he is underprivledged which makes the audince feel sympathetic toward the both of them.
Main argument of a talk to teachers
African americans deserve the right to learn about their ancestry the same way that white history is taught. He feels that people learn by asking questions and whites should not try to give phony answers or solutions to real world problems.
Weaknesses of baldwin's argument
-never offers a solution
- critical tone condemns all whites as vengeful
- discussion doesn't relate to title
- hasty generalization about white people
Baldwin's diction
In paragraphs 8 and 9 he switches between first second and third person. This shows that all blacks were affected by white people's attitude and society in general. Not only himself, but his friends and the poeple he knew of. Shows audience the realty of the situation and how big the problem of racism has gotten.
How would you describe baldwin's perspective on history?
Baldwin does not take a liking to history especially the way it is taught in american schools. He feels as though schools only focus on the greatness of white influencers, and that blacks are only mentioned because of slavery. He condemns americans for being patriotic by saying that everyone hwo came over on the mayflower ws filthy and poor and that the founding fathers were conniving. These views alienate many people
Baldwin's use of parallelism and repition
Last paragraph- brings back intial thoughts and talks about his plans if he were a teacher
- continually repeats the ideas that he would teach blacks their worth and that violence i not the answer. Wants to get his point across, firmly believes in argument
Author of me talk pretty one day
David sedan is
How does sedaris's level of detail in the first paragraph establish a humorous tone
He is a man but refers to himself as a true debutant- sarcasm and wit
Examples of exaggeration and their effect
Compares himself to wounded veteran whilst waiting for class- shows his loss of hope and poor attitude caused by his teacher. Tells of teacher stabbing student in eye- portrays her as harsh dictator wants readers to hate her
Characterization of sedaris' teacher
Intentionally cruel- walked in tan form vacation shows superiority and distaste to be teaching constantly tells students she hates them
Pathos of me talk pretty
Audience can definitely relate because everyone has had bad experiences with a teacher. Makes audience laugh with humorous tone and funny stories
Ethos of mtp
Personal experiences and humor make you trust sedaris
Author of best in class
Margaret talbot
Main point of best in class
The position of valedictorian should be eliminated because it causes unnecessary stress and legal actions
What. Is her rhetorical strategy in referring to sarasota high school
Her rhetorical strategy in continually mentioning this particular high school is that it establishes her credibility. It is a perfect example of how disputes over class valedictorian can lead to negative things like lawsuits and bullying. It shows that Talbot truly cares about this cause and took the time to deeply investigate to show her audience that she's point has value. The audience can imagine either being one of those frustrated students and parents can relate to the heartbreaking diasspaoint that some hardworking students felt.
What is the effect of talbot's mention of her high school?
Her mention of her personal high school experience lets the audience know that she can relate to the topic she is discussing. Often times speakers rant about a subject that they are either forced to talk about or they are able to discuss it but really do not understand the full concept of it. This shows the readers that she has been in thei shoes and she can empathize with them. She also mentions that her high school once only had 3 classes, but now there are over 20. That goes to further prove her point that children are very smart and highly competive. More than one person should be awarded the illustrious title because a greta number of the youth today are hardworking.
Identify different perspectives used
Talbot uses many different perspectives to claim her reliability as a writer. She mentions many instances where students dealt with great loss from not being named valedictorian, which proves her point that this is a real life issue. Blair hornstine: odd illness homeschooled made mocking website. Denny davies: arranged to take extra course much scrutiny. Stephanie klutz: sued for being 1 of 4 reinstated day before grad. Cheryl bakker: kids at top know who they are
Talbot mentions historical background o high school, how does this help her argument.
This shows that she acknowledges her counterargument. She mentions how valedictorian was originally instated to recognize smart women. It was a big step in women's rights.
Discuss analogies used
The analogy that Karen Arnold presents is valid in this argument. Her point is that children work extremely hard to achieve their goals as hey should. The same thing goes for football where it is highly competitive to achieve the stance of quarterback. If anyone was allowed to be quarterback then many people would be extremely offended. The same goes for valedictorians where the kids who irk hard should be rewarded for their academic achievements. Not everyone can be pleased and reality has to hit people.