Anthropology Cultural anthropologists study different cultures by studying the social organization of certain groups. Social organization is the structure of relationships In-between a group of people. This structure is held up by marriage and family, work and play, the community and country, and the supernatural. These forms are illustrated in The Chronicle of a Savanna Marriage, Aid's Family, Sitting on the Outers with the Girls, Watching the Boys Play, Manuel, Apprentice Watery, and The Irish Rally for Irish.

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The chronicles of a savanna Marriage Is about a young woman and the life she ivied going through marriage and the hurdles she had to jump over. Ionian has been married with her husband for six years. She Is asked if she is happy, she replies that she is happy now that she has had children and everyone in the settlement likes her now so everything Is fine. This could Imply that having children can change the respect that someone has for another. Traditions are a big part of the Mamas tribe, They have no electrical technology and have lived the same for many years.

Weddings are a big part of the Mamas culture; along with many rules for the bride it takes a lot of planning and preparation. As the newlywed couple embarks on their journey of marriage certain roles are portrayed from there on out. The husband is the boss and he supports the family, the woman does the chores. The husband is allowed to travel to another village to ask a young women's father for her hand in marriage. Having multiple wives can help the household in almost every way: the wives bond together and work as a team. The tribe uses alcohol and tobacco as a blessing rather like in the united States as for fun or an addiction.

Cows have a hidden value that helps cure pain and Is consumed when in need. The values that the Mamas have are very different than what we are used to and was a little bit of a culture shock when I watched the video. It was strange for me to see how a lot of people live their everyday lives so much differently than I do. Dad's Family is a film about the different roles a woman plays during her lifetime. A lot like The Chronicle of a Savannah Marriage the wife's role is to take care of the fields and come home and take care of the children, as a wife she needs to please the members of her family before herself to keep everyone happy.

Marriages are not rely chosen, the family gives gifts and payments to the groom. The family lives all together in a joint household which provides that resources are shared and equally given out. In India at the time many people were moving away to look for a better job and becoming more educated. Dad' did not want this social change to affect her family because it would have broken them apart. While Aid's family did not break up, social change affected much of India and broke apart many families. Sitting on the "Outers" with the Girls, Watching the Boys Play is about a young man who gets his leg amputated and thinks his life is ruined.

When this accident occurred he believed he was no longer a man and would not be seen the same way ever again. He thinks his community will no longer treat him the way he used to be 1 OFF perceived him as a more normal person than he perceived himself to be"(Peak p. 75). After the initial shock of the whole situation was overturned he realized that it could have been much worse, he could have lost his life. He worked hard to regain his confidence and self esteem and focus on his abilities rather than his disabilities. The Irish Rally for Irish is about the Irish community and how they worked gather to get their language back.

As the government tried to diminish the Irish language they worked even harder to keep it alive, even creating schools that taught the Irish language and going to prison for their culture. The British Government viewed these activists as terrorists and arrested anyone who favored them. Society then saw them as being the "underdogs", because in society you are taught to listen to the rules and the government. In "Manual, Apprentice Watery" religion and the supernatural play a key part in defining the culture of the Marry tribe.

The Marry believe that chewing coca rids the stresses of high altitude, colds, fatigue, and hunger. The coca plant is viewed as a sacred plant because of its powerful healing. Christianity and the Andean beliefs intertwined different cultural beliefs into the Marry religion. There are two supernatural beings that overlook the Marry, Challis and Pajamas are considered to be the supernatural owners of the animals. Pajamas is a female and is important in fertility of land, animals, crops, and people. There is no difference between the living and the supernatural; they are dependent upon one another.

The living need luck, animals, crops, and rain, while the supernatural need sacrifices. The Marry are still receiving the traditional value of their beliefs, but it is unsure if this religion will flourish significantly. Different structures were used throughout every article because each group had different things they believed in. In every one of these stories someone realized something about themselves that they did not know before. The beliefs and values from these people vary, but there is one thing that ties everyone together and that is finding who they really are or what they stand for.