When It seems Ilke all It would take Is for them to try It once and BAM they are hooked. I know I was one of them, but when I really began to realize how many people Ile to you and see some of the negative aspects my chatting days were over. Many people start out by going Into a chat room that may be designated for a certain age group, or religious room, or rooms where people are talking about music or movies. When people choose the room according to their own age group how do they know for sure that the person they will be talking to will be the same age, you don't.

It is sad to think that people will lie but the thing is you are nonymous over the Internet you can be whoever you want to be and nobody will know. That is really scary when you think about all the sick predators out there just waiting for young people to chat with. "Chatting in the room itself is not the preferred method of a predator. Predators use chat rooms as a hunting ground to locate their victim. They look at what is being said. Is there a child of the sex and age they are looking for in the chat rooms?

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Is that child having a good time online, are others chatting with the child, or are the other members of the chat room picking on the child? These people can then talk to you in a private room if you wish and I am sure many people do. Like I said many people of different ages get onto chat rooms. Many people are Just looking for a friend to talk to, many are predators, and some are looking for a mate. I am not trying to say that chat rooms are all bad I am just saying you have to be careful who you talk to and be careful about the information you give that person.

Many parents need to educate their children on the dangers of the Internet and how anonymous it is and people can be who they want to be and you need to be careful on whom you trust. I feel that parents should sit down with their children and look and surf the Internet with them and take them Into a chat room and show them one and how It works. I know that this may not stop the child from being curious and wanting to try It but If you Instill the fear In them that people do lie and give them proper tools for using them they should know better when to stop talking to someone.

As far as the Instant messenger goes this Is another form of chatting with someone can be Just as bad as chat rooms If you are glvlng the people you do chat with you name to find you on the messenger then they can talk to you here and some of those have profiles on them. I know that when I first started talking on chat rooms I talked to anybody and I didn't even give it a second thought and I really don't know if they were. Chatting became addictive for me and when my parents would tell me it is time to get off I would get all defensive about it.

I think what really changed my whole attitude for talking on chat rooms was my best friend. She was Just as bad as I was for chatting maybe even worse. Well she started talking to this guy from England and Oh yes she thought that was so cool and so did I at the time. Well a year or two went by and they would talk to each other on the phone. Well one day he sent me an email saying that he bought tickets to come to St. Ignace and asked if I would pick him up there so he could surprise my best friend.

Well I was freaking out and I called my friend and told her so of course we both went to St. Ignace to pick him up when his bus arrived. The whole way to St. Ignace I remember her saying "what if this guy is a freak, or a criminal" she was scared and so was l, I kept thinking, "what have we gotten are selves into. " Well we picked him up and he spent a few days here and then he left. I Just think back now and I was like he could have been a criminal, a horrible nasty guy and I thank God that he didn't hurt my friend or l.

After that I my chatting days were over. There are more and more cases now where girls have met guys over the Internet and then went off with them, and these are sick perverts. It Just makes me sick and I think to myself "where were her parents" and I know that we can't watch our children all the time but we at least need to keep the line of communication open so if they feel scared they can come talk to use so we can help them. It isn't all younger kids either many older people are getting n the Internet to find mates and they too need to be careful.

This is how many marriages end because their spouse gets hooked talking in chat rooms to other people and this person makes them self this wonderful person, but they are probably just desperate. I know that people have found that special person and I am sure it is possible, but they Just need to be careful. I know many people like to chat and they say it is fun well you have to be safe while chatting. Watch the information you give, and when you feel the person is asking to many personal questions get off right away.

If there is a problem where some on does threaten you be sure to get all the information you can remember their chat room name, what time it was, what chat room you were in, and any additional information that you can remember about that person. I Just want to make sure that people are aware of the dangers out there, and that they are very careful. The Internet can be a scary thing if you don't know too much about it. So you need to make sure that you take them time and surf and go into a chat room and Just see what they are like but be very, very careful about whom you talk to and what you tell them.