Anna Victoria Wood went to a rave party with her friends and had decided to take an ecstasy pill to have a good time. Moments later she had become to feel unwell from the intake of the pill and the overload of water in her system. There were circumstances surrounding Anna's death, she had decided on her own to it in and take the ecstasy pill.

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On her own behalf the pill she had received was not paid for which happened to be not the same pill as what her friends received. On the 24th of October 1995, within the early hours of Wednesday, they had decided to take Anna off the life support machine because in her families eyes they saw that she was no longer coming back. Angela and Tony Wood were proud parent's of their daughter; in their eyes they knew that Anna was an anti-drug type of person.

Anna would always come home and talk to her parent's about why they did drugs and how she would go out of her way to stop them from taking it. It had come as a huge shock to both of them when she had dies; she didn't seem like that type of person. Anna Wood was a beautiful, loving friend to everyone; she was a very considerate 15 year old teenage girl. Every time Anna had got given money she would spend the whole amount on her friends, she had never thought about herself always about there who needed help more and needed a friend to talk to when they were depressed.

A friendly young lady to all the new students at school, and contained a soft spot for the underdogs. Anna Wood had left school at the end of year 10, and was following her dream to be a beautician in a salon. There had never been time in Anna Victoria Wood's life where she wasn't happy; there was always a big beautiful smile on her face, which attracted the company of many people. Anna cherished her family and friends, and would stop at nothing to e those people in her life smiling with Joy again.

Anna was an independent person who happened to be extremely popular; it had been a tragic way to see her die consider she was an anti-drug type of person, but Anna now lives within others who needed organs. This would have been what Anna would dream to do when she died; to help others who needed organs more.