Jeremy Riffing mentioned that animals are very similar to us. He said that animals feel pain, suffer, feel stress, affection, excitement, and even love (2). However, I don't agree with Riffing. I think animals are not more like us than we think they do. Rifling's point isn't well supported. Most of h is examples aren't backed up by well thought evidence. Riffing used Kook, a gorilla, as an example saying that animals can be intelligent as well (8). He said Kook scored around a 70-?90 points on an IQ test.

But this doesn't prove all animals are smart. Since gorillas, apes, and humans are somewhat related, gorillas have a high chance of having a similar brain structure as humans, which allow gorillas to have the ability to understand and learn similarly to us. Therefore, I don't think it was anything surprising to score high on IQ test. I don't agree that animals are more like us. Even though they may seem very similar to us, it's Just their natural instincts. Riffing started that a pair of crows can bend a straight wire into a hook based on their intelligence.

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But I don't agree because I because it's Just natural survival skills. They don't over think things like us humans do. Forming a hook from a straight wire Is Just something animals can do for survival. It's survival of the fittest so It doesn't require that much intelligence. People may think we should change how we treat animals. However, I think the opposite. First, animals can't think like we do because they're brains are not made to work that way. We can consider all the factors In doing an action but animals Just do what first comes In their mind.

People may feel bad for hem but we need them to be healthy. Meat has protein that makes us healthier. Second, It's a waste of money to buy toys for pigs. We will be eating the pigs anyways so it'll be a waste of money If we're buying toys for them. Animals are completely different from humans because we can feel deeper feelings. Even though a gorilla can score a high IQ test score and crows can form a hook out of a wire, It doesn't prove that animals can analyze things Like we can do. We can also do many things animals can't do such as creating, Inventing, reading, writing, and etc.