CHAPTER 4 Empires of Indian and China
1. India
- India's view of taking a human life is probably the most outlawed
crime in this chapter than any other period in history that we have
covered. Two major religions disbursed over Indian, Hinduism and
Buddhism. Both religions strictly enforced non- violence. The purpose
of their life was to achieve nirvana. In order to reach this nirvana,
they had to have good karma. Karma relied mostly on behavior and your
place in society. If you have good karma you can achieve dharma which
will allow you to move up in the caste system in your next life. No
one wanted to stay in the position they were in so they had good
behavior so they move up. This made crime at in all time low.

-Their caste system affects their daily life. Their caste has
motly to do with their place in society and their occupation or class.

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Farmer were usually the poor people and there of course were the rich
nobles. But, in one way or another they relied on one another. The nobles
had to depend on farmers to get their food. If you were a rich noble you
wouldn't be working in the field, which was the farmer's job. Same with
houses and buildings, nobles couldn't build their houses so they relied on
the builders.