The screen design below is the design the group will use for our website. The group have changed our screen designs so that is user friendly with the goals of the HCI which stands for Human-computer interaction. The group have decided to change our colour scheme from blue to pink and green so that the website is more attractive and easier for users to read information. The colour scheme also resembles the products that are for sale. Since the products for sale are for women the group decided to use girl like colours to match them. Our websites audience is mainly for females so the new colour scheme is efficient for their use. By changing the colour scheme the group have aimed to improve the interaction between the users of our website

The screen design below shows the page in our website that will appear once the SORT by price button is clicked from the homepage. This screen design shown below is how our login page should look like. Customers will need to login to their personal account to purchase items. This page will be simple and easy to use. The group also plan to have an administration page in our website that only admin will be able to access. This page will have a control panel for the purpose of admin managing their products. They will be able to use services like adding products, adding categories, viewing order etc. the screen design below shows how the group plan to design the administration control panel page.

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Once a customer has ordered there product that they want to purchase the admin will be able to access these orders from the control panel. The design of the control panel THE GROUP have shown on the previous page. The admin simply needs to click on the button named Invoice orders and can access all of the orders shown. Once the admin has clicked on the invoice order a page will appear showing the details of that order. The screen design below shows how the group plan to design this page. The system should generate a 'Picking List' for each transaction - showing the Customer name or ID and the details of the items ordered with their 'stock-room' locations

Details of each transaction (including the details of all items purchased) must be recorded in the Database and the system must generate an 'Invoice' that will be sent to the Customer. The system should also generate a 'Re-stock' report showing the product needing to be re-stocked, the stockroom location and the quantity needed to bring the quantity back to the preferred value. This should 'viewable' in real-time. The client needs an 'administrator' web application that will enable the editing of items (prices, locations, quantities, levels etc.).

Research and Analysis on websites Step 1 - Research on websites The above website is Amazon This website sells everything from clothes to DVDs and games, the website design I personally found it to be complicated overcrowded and plain. I just didn't know where to look I am bombarded with ads and deals, but for a company which makes a healthy profit they must be doing something right, I found whilst browsing the website the website tracked the users actions what the user liked and gave similarities and recommendations.

Another website I had a look at was which I was very fond off, it was simple and easy to use with its navigation. It was simple and plain, it had adverts but they were on the side which meant if I didn't want to look at them I didn't have to because they were side and there were only a few also the white background complemented the website as it made users focus on the site itself

When I added an item to the basket it showed how many items I had in there the total amount but not the actual items, so as a user I would have to click another link just to see the basket. I found this not user friendly. Unlike Amazon who had a very good basket it showed me all my items and it gave me an option to delete them once I click on edit shopping basket. I think has a good user friendly website but have a good basket function but Amazon don't make their delivery charges clear as on the other hand has free delivery which is simple and hassle free, apart from that in my view has a much friendlier site than Amazon, I will investigate and explore in more detail below.


The site is easy to navigate it is split into different sections for different items sold. You can search for items you want to buy using the search facility on the website. It is very easy to find your way around the site as everything is set out into a layout. There are nine headings at the top of each page and each heading has its own sub-heading. The left hand side of each page there is a shopping basket so you can checkout easily with the products you going to purchase you can pay using and Euro's you can also pre order items (items you can purchase before they come out this is so that you can be certain that you will receive that product). The top right hand side of the page contains links to help you with your account and a help desk.

On the right hand side there are advertisements of the items which are on sale and sold by, competitions, hot picks (items that rate great in value for money) and special offers. The middle of the page is where the main items which they sell come up, so if you click on the DVD category then the DVD's they sell will come up. The bottom of the page shows customers what credit/debit cards are accepted by there terms & conditions and their privacy policy.

The colours used are simple but eye catching; gray and white are mainly used with some orange and red. The colour of the text is black, blue and orange using these colours can make its products stand out and that can attract the customer. also has selected items which are great for value are named as the "Pick of the Week" each week place different items to show the great value for money they offer. Below is an example of pick of the week. It shows how much the item was and how much they have reduced it by. The transactional website gives a list of the "Top Sellers" the items which sell the most; "Hot Pick" is if you had to buy an item would recommend the hot pick.