In this particular task, I am going to compare two organisations where one will be Betta Value Stores and the other is Richer Sound. While comparing these two organisations I am going to look at their structure, job roles, personal attributes and team working and I have written all this in Betta Value Store earlier in my other task and now I am going to do same aspects for Richers Sounds.

Richer Sounds is in the private sector and was first opened in London in 1978 and was started by Julian Richer in the age of 19. Then Richer Sound became a private limited company to gain the benefits of limited liability. Richer Sounds store sell hi-fi separates, home cinema equipments, plasma screen and LCD screen TVs, DVD and MP3 players, amplifiers, DJ gear and other types of related accessories. They have given all details of their product on their website which is www.

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richersound. co. uk. Where it also tells that any customer can buy the product direct from store, by mail order or from internet (website of richer sound). One reason of becoming Richer Sound a limited company is because of buying audio separates to keep in stock cists money and without liability then any financial problems would have meant that the owner, Julian Richer would have been in such a big trouble or have been personally liable for any debts.

The size of Richer Sounds is medium sized organisation. In 2003 we employed 376 people, including directors, 110 worked in office or in management, 203 worked in retailing and warehousing. They have 45 stores around whole UK. Richer Sound was listed as being the top British-owned company in the official list of the UK's 100 Best Companies to work for. Richer Sounds Organisational Chart:

Richer Sound has ten levels where its is start from top Julian Richer chairman's office then below is managing director's office, David Robinson and reports to Julian Richer and then below this there are eight directors and control different departments like John Currier is a Finance director, John Clayton is a operating and training director, Claudia Vernon is a marketing director, Jez Avens is a deputy managing director, Solomon Essah Essel is a distributing director, Julie Abraham is a IT and stock control director, Gary Woodward is a purchasing director and Dan Bumham is a merchandising director and these all directors' reports to David Robinson.

These entire different departments carry different activities such as finance department control accounts, payroll and purchase ledger, operating and training department control customer services which is controlled by Ricky Faust and do HiFi direct and corporate sales and do web/ mail orders, training/recruitment office, colleagues support, call centre, stores operations and property/health and safety, marketing department control all the marketing and design (stores/ website), managing department carry all the services, security and cost control activities, distribution department control warehouse and distribution activities, IT and stock control department do all IT work and control stock and logistics, purchasing department control all purchasing activities and merchandising department also control the marketing area and POS (point of sale). By looking at this all information of Richer Sounds Organisation Chart, tells that it has many levels.

It shows that Richer Sound is a large organisation and has more levels than Betta Value Store. Job Roles: 1. Chairman- This is the top position on the organisation. It is held by Julian Richer. 2. Managing Director- this position is held by David Robinson and reports to Julian Richer. 3. Directors- this position is held by the senior directors who are on the management board and these all directors' reports to David Robinson. In Richer sound there are two Boards of Directors. First, the main board of directors which comprise Julian Richer (the chairman), David Robinson (the group of MD): John Currier, the financial director and the chief executive of our (separate) manufacturing company.

Second, the management board of Richer Sounds which comprise Julian, David Robinson and John currier as well as Jez Avens, Deputy MD; Claudia Vernon, Marketing Director; John Clayton, Operation and Training Director; Gray Woodward, Purchasing Director, Julie Abraham, IT director and Solomon Essah Essel, distribution director. Richer Sounds also have deputy field sales directors, managers and deputy a manager, Paul Stephen is both manager and deputy field sales director. Richer Sound has manager in each store that is responsible for the store and the colleagues who work there and Richer Sound also have managers in all departments. Richer Sounds have sales assistant who been trained to offer high level of customer service and if they work part-time they call them career key-timers (CKTs). In many departments of Richer Sounds, they have assistants who undertake specific jobs.

Richer Sounds have Pas (personal assistant) undertakes a wide variety of administration and secretarial work, and IT colleagues. Richer sounds all staff at 'assistant' level and work their way up through their internal promotion system which allows the colleagues same opportunities and enables them to learn all about the business which tells that their colleagues are rarely managed or given proper instructions by senior colleagues who are new to the company. When ever the managers and deputies give any instructions colleagues needs to follow them clearly and do the right thing which is asked them to do in the right way, right place and right time.

They do expect all colleagues to treat each other nicely, friendly and being polite with each other even in under pressure. Job roles depend on the type of job being carried out. When they recruit they look for interests in the job, enthusiasm, friendly, polite, helpful personality. All the colleagues of the organisation know their job roles and responsibilities toward each other working as a team and also toward the organisation through several terms and conditions of their employment. Sometime the colleagues have to make a decision and solve customer's problems and that's why they Richer Sound have trained their all colleagues before they actually start work so they can make right decision to solve complex problems quickly.