Chemical engineering is a job that needs a hard worker that s determined; it has a good income, and is a job that I will love. Chemical engineering needs a hard worker that never just lies around, and let things go on. "Chemical engineering uses the principles of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics"(bless. Gob). This career uses chemicals, fuel, drugs, and food. Chemical engineering designs large equipment's by processing them.

The duties for a chemical engineer is: research to find a new development and to improve manufacturing processes, figure out safety procedures for those who work in an environment that has potentially ungenerous chemicals, separate components of liquids and gases, design and plan the layout of equipment, d o tests and monitor performance of processes throughout production Troubleshoot problems with manufacturing processes, and many more duties. Chemical engineering is not as safe as it sounds. They either work in a lab or an office.

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Most of the time is spent in industrial plants, and refineries, etc. Chemical engineering is a good job that needs a hard worker that is determined to do the work; believe I am fit to come a chemical engineer. I also believe have the ability to work with others since this job requires working With a team. Not only do I believe am able to handle the hard work, this career has a great income that will be able to keep myself, and even my family financially stable. It is said that chemical engineering is a career that will never go, it will always have open jobs, and not lay off people.

For me, believe this is great, never want to be put in this situation. "A Georgetown University report based on 2009 U. S. Census data mound that workers with a bachelor's degree earned a median salary of If some one has a master, or doctoral degree, they would get paid even more than they would with a bachelor's degree. No matter what degree one ends up having, they will be financially stable. Although it may be a lot of work to be in this career, I feel that it is a career that is able to keep one financially stable. I believe will enjoy this job no matter how hard it will be.

I believe will love this career due to the fact that my family is in this career, and I have heard very good comments about it. I also enjoy being able to create and invent different goods that will end up being used. I enjoy being able to learn about the different items that can be done, and being able to see all the hard work be done and end up being used by other companies. I would love this career because it is a job that needs many workers, and will never get shut down because it is not doing as well. I believe this job has a great income that will be able to support myself, and my family.

I enjoy being able to create new items and producing. This career will ever get boring in my opinion because you get to work on a new project and bring it to life. Also enjoy being able to learn about new inventions that can be made. I enjoy math very much, and will use my knowledge in math to be able to produce goods. Therefore, this job is something I will love, and enjoy for however long I live. This career IS something I have always dreamed of becoming. The work environment for chemical engineering can be risky. They work with deadly chemicals, and in laboratories that have plenty of chemicals, that can be come deadly and toxic.

This career requires one that is able to watch the surrounding, to be focused, and not horse play while working. To be in this job you need to be able to focus, and not get side tracked with other things that may go on around the area. You need to pay attention closely to your area, and not get confused with the other objects and chemical that would be going on around you. Being in this career requires you to work with others professionally not only would you work with others that are in the same career but you work with different engineers to bring the invention to fife also. Chemical engineers must be able to work with professionals who design other systems and with the technicians and mechanics who put the designs into practice'(bless. Gob). This career not only focuses on your career, it also focuses on other. By this, you are able to learn about how important each career is. In conclusion, I believe that chemical engineering is jobs that are something I would enjoy, and will love no matter how hard things were to get. This career has a great in come that will keep me financially stable, also a art working individual that will work great in an environment with others.