An Ideal Society
There is no real way to describe an ideal society many authors have tried to write what they believe it might be like, but by the end of every story the perfect society all most always fails . The only real way we could have a perfect society is if the people who made up the society were perfect. Now if everyone was perfect we would eliminate diversity and by eliminating diversity we take away one of the main keys that makes a society work. We would be unable to assign a leader because what would determine who is better to lead and who should follow.
I feel democracy is a one of the better governments to run a society, if your trying to satisfy the majority of people, which could possibly be the closest you will get to satisfying everyone. Only democracy is only fair to the majority of people this would never be perfect because not everyone is happy. Another type of government would be communism although we have been taught this is the worst type of society to have ever been thought up. Communism could possibly be the closest to being fair to everyone, in that it is fair to no one. Everyone is miserable and left with no option to improve their life style, but it is the same for everyone.

Since people are not perfect the Ideal society could not be perfect either it would have to be mixture of all societies that would satisfy the all types of different people's wants and needs. So to find the perfect society you would have to find a way to make many different societies work as one.

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