HTML technology has grown rapidly becoming one of the preferred development environment for web and mobile applications and services. In Indonesia, several developers have not realized that they can develop HTML directly, because almost of the browsers have already been supported by the technology. HTML is predicted as future technology due to its robust capabilities and cross platform flexibility. Based on tempests [1], mobile operating system that holds the highest score to support HTML Is Title 2. 2 as an upcoming mobile SO which is still In the development or beta.

Tizzy is a mobile operating system project which is handled by Linux Foundation and a Technical Steering Group (TTS) composed of Samsung and Intel. Supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories such as smartness, tablets. Notebook, Len- vehicle infotainment devices, and smart TV's[2], we predict that tizzy will become a major mobile operating system for many devices in the future. And for doing an 'OFF Thesaurus, as a tool or resource to provide various similar words, becomes the main resource for language professional to enrich their language proficiency.

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With various similar vocabulary, people can compose language implementation both verbal and non verbal with various ways to prevent the boredom of readers and audiences and improve the beauty of language implementation. To make an efficient thesaurus application, autosuggestion is implemented within the system. Our initial experiment with this new operating system is to test whether developing a HTML application can run appropriately or not in Tizzy Operating system. In this paper, we describe the steps to develop Deutsche thesaurus application in Tizzy SO.

In the section II, we iscuss about related works about similar applications of thesaurus, what are the strength and weakness also described here. In the section Ill, we describe Tizzy architecture as a base of development reference to build an application in Tizzy. Section IV describes how to make an application in tizzy with Unified Process and the results are presented and summarized in section V. II. RELATED WORKS The most famous Deutsche thesaurus website application is paintbrushes. De [3] and the strength of this thesaurus website application is that this web application contains numerous synonym data.

So when a learner wants to learn a complete Deutsche thesaurus, this website application can be main reference for learning. But the weaknesses of this website application are that this web application is not comfortable to be opened in mobile devices, and there is no word list appeared which makes the user easy to get what vocabulary going to input . The application is presented especially for the learner who have known the Deutsche words. If we do not know anything about German language, we will not understand anything from the application and will not type any vocabulary in the application because there is no rod list of Deutsche.

In mobile version, android operating system, application named Thesaurus (German) is provided in Google play [4]. It works good in android but it has more weaknesses than paintbrushes website application. This application is too simple, not eye-catching, no word list, and for the international learners who want to learn German but not understand any single German vocabulary will be difficult to learn synonymy because it does not provide a common international language as one of the input. From those similar applications, we try to develop similar mobile application in Tizzy.