One of the aims of this proposed study is attempting to define the Various In this report, we had been done the research about the general employment knowledge, how fresh graduate enter new working environment which Is the primary research. Some of the general employment knowledge has been done to make secondary research. Also we had been interview for Hong Leone banks branch manager. And there Is a lot of Information that Is given by him in order to make our report complete.

Moreover, the other purpose of this intended study, it is essential to define he personal development that we need to complete in this report; which is how are we obligate to plan for our personal gap and make the analysis In order to become success. For the job search activities, we are using different type of media resources such as internet, newspaper, and magazines to search job vacancy. The most common and easier way to search Job Is through Internet. The website will list out the vacancies information from the different company for Jobsharer who are searching for the job.

The website that we use to find this Job is We had chosen banking Industry which Is Hong Leone bank for primary research. Malaysia has been developing one program call Graduate Employability Program, a special training program to train fresh and unemployed graduates with skills required by the company. It is to train the fresh and unemployed graduated how to get into new working environment. There are six main skills to be focused on, which Is CIT, competencies. Transferable skills which Include communication. Analytical thinking and problem-solving, relevant working experience, exploring new route for their career, and Job placement. RMI. 5 million had been allocated and is managed by SMB (HARD)_ The first group of 1,000 graduates will go through the training between five and six months. The good news is government would bear the course fee for the graduates who would also be paid a monthly allowance of ARMOR during the training (Parboil. 2012). Besides Malaysia governments aim to boost business activity and provide professionals training and develop opportunities for fresh graduate.

Local employees and expatriates alike are positive about the prospect of new career opportunities to become available over the next 12 months. Companies will be increasing their headcount to secure the best talent in these positive market circumstances. With increased competition in the Job market among local professionals and returning expatriates (Solos. N, 2012). For example, Hong Leone bank employment market, mostly employers are looking for graduates with a high level of confidence who are exposed to niche areas outside of their academic studies. We had been Interview for the branch manager in Hong Leone bank; Mr..

David said that fresh graduate wanted to enter in bank industry is not that difficult. The academic is not that attractive for their firm (Refer to appendix 1). Mostly in sale line, Furthermore, they also are looking for the international fresh graduate in order to booth up their economic scale. In Hong Leone bank, they are selective for the expatriates, because expatriates can give their country idea to booth up economic scale. However, In order to protect its local labor force from foreign competition, Malaysian Government has set certain restrictions for the employment of foreign nationals.

Expatriates can only be employed for a maximum of five or 10 years, pending on the branch. Therefore, for international fresh graduate will be more difficult to find a Job in Malaysia (Allocate, 2012). 3. 2. OPPORTUNITIES FOR RECENT GRADUATES There have many opportunities which offered by Hong Leone Bank such as disciplined, self-motivated, goal orientated, integrity, people-orientated, and work in team. So that, they do provide the training in order to make fresh graduate to fit in this new environment. For operation line, employees have to train almost six month then they can move to front line.

For sales line, either for new or old employees they till have to train for each or twice times in one month for upgrade a new seminar. Besides Hong Leone bank also provide Certificate credit professional for fresh graduate and giving financial support for this course but they do not provide internship for fresh graduate. However, I-JOB bank provides internship for fresh graduate such as insurance test; the firm will provides the fees for the test, thus the staffs do not need to pay the fees (Won. T. H & Sales. S, 2012). For the salary that Hong Leone bank offer is about Arm 800-2000, depending of the performance.

The employees also will get extra payment, for example in sale line they have commission; for operation line they have overtime which is times 1. 5 (depend on what salary you get). From the research, Malaysia's highest monthly paid salary are semiconductor and wafer fabrication industries which is ARM,280 for fresh graduates. For Financial Services such as Securities or Insurance are more on average about ARM,225. As we can see from appendix 4, followed by manufacturing and the oil ; gas sector, especially in the case of large corporations and multinationals where fresh CIT graduates were paid average monthly salaries of

RAMMER and ARM, OHO respectively (Won. T. H ; sales. S, 2012). (10 page)The qualification to enter Hong Leone Bank and work as Personal Banker that need degree in business, excellent communication skills, and good selling in sales line. Recently, many of the new graduates emerging from the Malaysian education system because lack of critical thinking skills (Egalitarianism. R,2012). In Hong Leone bank, who want to Join sales line more than 50% will be selective if you are good in communication skill such as English, Basis Malaysia, and Chinese language.

For operation line will more focus on 3 races. For example some of the checks which written in Chinese word they need Chinese people to done it. Thus, as we can see that interpersonal skill is very important in order to develop in working environment. Besides that, proactive and resourceful with excellent communication and negotiation skills are required for this positions also. Form the other research for fresh graduate to enter Malaysia banking industry, the candidate must possess a There must be excellent in communication, interpersonal skills, strong language proficiency for both Basis Malaysia and English.

Lastly Computer literate is the most required. So that, more or less the qualification to enter banking industry is quite similar and the important thing is communication skill, that most of the company will require (Won. T. H ; Sales. S, 2012). Nevertheless, there are certain technical skills and functions that is most demented in Malaysia's company. As we can see from appendix 5, the skill such as Net developers, IT managers, system engineers, marketing & business development or sales marketing are the most sought-after employees, followed by people with expertise in customer service.

Also required are people with mechanical engineering skills and human resources background (Won. T. H & Sales. S, 2012). Thus, the skill that company required is very important, as a fresh graduate we must learn more as much as possible that we can. From the research, I found out that seven out of 10 graduates who come to recruitment interviews fail the English language competency test set by our clients (Egalitarianism. R,2012). So that, the first skill that need to improve is communication.

I'm not very good in communication especially in dealing with English. I cannot always communicate well in English with other people, sometimes I had hard time to speak with my friends but most of my friends know that I am a quiet type person, so they cannot understand me. Sometimes I feel really Jealous with my friends who can communicate well in English with other people. I really want to change myself become more talk active, so I can express myself. Interpersonal skill is the other skill that I need to improve. I don't have any confidence when I communicate with other people.

I have a hard time to make an eyes contact with them and feel nervous, make a lot of mistake when talk to someone because of this personal stress. Sometime, I don't have self confidence on my personal outlook and people might be laughing at me. I hope I can improve this skill very soon. So that I have confident to work well with others people. For Collaboration and Negotiation skill, I had been so worry about this skill. I don't like to work in a group with other people. But most of the time either in the school or workplace, we need to collaborate and negotiate a lot of problem with people all the time.

If I can enhance this skill very well, I can solve the issues as many as possible. To enhance my skills, I have to do something that could develop my skills and ability, but before doing so, it must be planned in advance. The content of this Action Planning Sheet is about what we can do to improve our skills, where we could seek help and give the time target of this plan. For communication, I can start it with being active in communication with my friends, for example, I can start conversation first and give a good response to my friends. I also could get help from my lectures about immunization with people.

Furthermore, I had been using Burlier communication conversation. I always go to library for reading some books in order to improve my English. The deadline of this improvement is in 1 year. (Refer to appendix 6) Leading a good interpersonal skill is the second skill that I plan to improve. When we are nervous we tend to talk more quickly and therefore less clearly. Therefore, I try to stay calm down, make eye contact and smile to let my confidence shine. Besides, I'm joining yoga class to improve my personal outlook, and I'm become more confidence tit my stature; so that people will not laughing at me.

That is because Yoga will reduce stress and it give me the strength to enhance my ability. I can have the outcome in 6 months. (Refer to appendix 9) Collaboration and negotiation skill in working with others is really important because we have to work with other people and socialize. I have a little confidence in this skill, as I mentioned in my weakness that I cannot communicate well with people, so I decide to develop this skill in this year as well as 3 month. I had been working at the International office in Anti nail in order to enhance this ability.

Collaborate with the colleague and solve the problem by negotiate with the customer (student); it can improve my personal skill. For that, I have self-confidence to cope with the Job because I meet all his requirements. (Refer to appendix 10) 4. 0. CONCLUSION In this report I had been learning how to enhance personal ability to get into better jobs. When the time I choose finance industry I already decided what I want to be. I choose develop in finance industry because I like banking sector and anything that related to money. Since it help me a lot to prepare before I work in real company.

I have study a lot about the finance; accounting, economic and global issue and this help me to make sure I had knowledge and experience. Besides that, once you have a better communication skill, you can easily to help the company to get the business from the customers and also build a good relationship with them. On the other hand, in order to have good quality of staff the company will give internship and training program to the fresh graduates so they can more comfortable working at the company environment and have a good quality of services to provide to the customer.