Bitcoin Embassy Welcomes Cryptomen

The Bitcoin Embassy, the world’s first physical space dedicated to cryptocurrency and distributed technology, is pleased to announce that it will now physically host the altcoin analysis group Cryptomen in its collaborative working space.

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This partnership is in line with one of the Bitcoin Embassy’s most important goals: to bridge the knowledge gap between interested investors and participants in the cryptocurrency economy.

“We have observed a rapidly increasing interest in cryptocurrency investments from traditional financial institutions and private investors.

Many of those who believe in Bitcoin’s potential are interested in diversifying their investments while nevertheless remaining outside of the fiat economy”, says Francis Pouliot, director of public affairs at the Bitcoin Embassy.

Alternative currencies offer an ideal solution for such investors, but their viability is difficult to assess and the industry has been rife with fraudulent investment schemes.

Bitcoin Embasy offered its working space to Cryptomen because they will contribute to bringing clarity, expertise and transparency to the altcoin investment ecosystem.

CryptoFund To Offer Portfolio Management

CryptoFund is a cryptocurrency investment fund spearheaded by Cryptomen CEO Jean-Francois Hotte and CTO Marie-Lynn Richard.

Cryptomen was first founded in order to provide accurate and trustworthy information to cryptocurrency traders.

“As active traders and crypto-enthusiasts, we wanted to help more people get involved in trading”, says Jean-Francois Hotte, “we began offering ongoing premium portfolio management services but we felt like we were still missing something”.

With CryptoFund, Cryptomen have the unique ability to bring portfolio management to any willing investor in a completely transparent and exciting way.

Each fund is launched individually after a 30 day open funding period during which investors simply create a profile with a unique deposit address, enter their payout address and send the funds they wish to invest.

Once trading begins, users can log in and monitor the trading activity and their portfolio balance in real time. The service is free, with traders remunerated with 25% of trading profits.

The Bitcoin Embassy does not officially endorse any investment scheme, including CryptoFund, but we can attest to the honesty and expertise of CryptoFund’s management.

The Bitcoin Embassy reminds potential investors that cryptocurrency investments should be considered high risk.