Alcohol Summary The topic that is being studied is alcohol dependency. While investigating alcoholism my research question is can different treatment from different statically testing help with abstinence or does the alcoholic need treatment in a hospital setting. The research and design is used to aid the alcoholic to be alcohol free by using percentages and variables in studies. One article example is Women's experiences of caring when in treatment for alcohol dependency. Authors: Thurman, Bagger, Palestinian, ; Tops.

This article discusses the importance of caring for women who are alcoholics in treatment. The aim of the study is to illuminate the meaning of caring in informal care for women with alcohol dependency as narrated by the women. This study was performed using a phenomenological-hermeneutic method (Thurman, Bagger, Palestinian ; Tops, 2010). Next we have Moderating Effects of a craving Intervention on the Relation between Negative Mood and Heavy Drinking Following Treatment for Alcohol Dependency.

Authors: Hewlett, Katie, Bowen, Sarah Donovan, Dennis M. Negative affect Is a significant predictor of alcohol relapse and the relation between negative affect and drinking has been shown to be strongly mediated by alcohol cravings. Thus targeting craving during treatment could potentially attenuate the relation between negative affects and drinking by using Combine Study (Wittiest. Bowen, ; Donovan, 2011). Another study article Is poster Abstracts from the APP 20th Annual Meeting and Symposium. Author: Nicholas, Laura F.