Intro: From the day that we were born we've been heading down a track Sometimes Its made for good sometimes for bad But If we look behind us there's a wave coming down Carrying us forward to a new age Chorus: What about the world around us How can we fail to see And now that our fathers have gone And we've been left to carry on What about the age of reason Verse: So why can't we be still why can't we love each other Is kindness an ancient skill buried by our blindness And If we look behind us there's a wind blowing In To create the age of reason Chorus Instrumental

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Verse: If we consider carefully the options put before us So much wisdom so much love so much waiting for us And f we look ahead there's the sun and the seasons Another day another age of reason Chorus x 2 tutor (Chorus Fading out) The Instruments Include John on main Box David on Keys Brett on Guitars Angus on Drums & Percussion Wayne on Bass Vendetta on Box with Lindsay With 2 additional Box in the background (Ross,Joe & Lisa) Tom on Piano accordion & Mandolin "Age of Reason" being about the urgency for the world to wake up and solve Its problems. "Age of Reason" is a song by Australian Synch Pop singer John Burnham.

It Is ten TLS giggles TOT Nils aloud Age AT Reason (aloud), released In BIBB, Ana written by Todd Hunter and Johanna Bigot. The single was used in a promo for Australia's Channel Seven News in 2000. Age of Reason is 4/4 and is in the genre of pop Rhythm - Song starts and finishes with clock ticking as it is saying we are running out of time in the world to figure out what is happening to the world around us? Intro - Clock ticking to get beat and rhythm Bass drum - in background on the beat 4/4 - down beat (drums) Melody - Minor Tonality Whole Diatonic scale Falsetto B Minor Chord based melodies Repetition

Pop There is a motif which is the question "What about the age of reason? " One Main Melody The melody moves in intervals in the whole diatonic scale and the intervals recur very regularly throughout the whole song. This is the riff recurring. The phrasing is Balanced and is repetitive and is a question with a small answer but leaving us with views and the question "what about the world and the age of reason? " The climax is at every chorus and how it builds up to the motif in each chorus asking the question!

Harmony - There are Major Chords throughout the song in mainly the chorus but it is also lanced with minor chords There are 2 female backing singers giving a harmony in the chorus (ah) B, D, (1, 3, 5) No Modulation There are lots of repeated chord patterns The harmonic accompaniment is mainly "shahs" and repeating the chorus in the background saying "what about the world" lone color - Sound effects - clock Electronic drums or a pad in some sections Texture and Tone Color 2:30 min - 3:00 miss is keys solo Small ensemble - drums, bas, box, keys, backing box Vocal sounds is mainly singing and the backing singers String sounds are on the bass and they are plucked Is played brightly and warm giving a clear message! The instruments are being combined together as an ensemble but are panned to different sides. Drums mainly Left keys a little right. Bass also a little left and box in the centre to give that overhead message to make it the main thing. Which gives it the warm feeling.

Male box is tenor Female box is soprano or alto Structure - The main motif is the question/quote asking "what about the world and age of reason? " This re-occurs every chorus! This is a repetition of the theme and motif throughout the whole song but is developed in each verse with John Burnham telling he story and asking more questions to then get a message through. This song is in Rondo form (A B A C A) with an instrumental keys solo in the middle. There are cannon parts between the main box and the backing male singers asking the question "what about the world? " 1 Main Theme ? Elements: - Intro - Chorus - Verse - Instrumental - Chorus xx - Tutor (Chorus fading out) Dynamics - No change in volume Just a change in how many instruments play and when.