Against internet censoring If the internet was not bound by any law how would that affect the world? Internet is a big chunk in our life, and one more time were shown that the government tries to control our us. "No government should have the right to refuse Its citizens access to Information solely because they perceive It to be 'unwanted" (Pemberton, Ash, and Patrick Harrison February 21, 2010). Just Imagine your life without communication, any free knowledge, and without the freedom you deserve as a citizen.

The benefits of having Internet are huge because who nowadays who uses a newspaper? Who calls places when they can Just e-mail? And If you're In another country you can Just communicate with your families and friends by websites and e-mails. The Internet does not only works for socializing but It can give you knowledge I mean who knows more than Google, where you can go ask any question and there are many oplnlons and site where you can learn so much by reading it, or Wikipedia where you can get help on homework and see what others think and even get answers from professionals.

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Yes the world would be affected without internet, companies that sell lothes and materials would be out of business and technology would just take a step back. A solution to this problem is to punish those who believe that they have the rights to take our freedom, and were doing that by opening all the computers so any age can watch anything and anywhere, so they can learn about real life, and getting those who tried to take the internet away and punish them by cutting them alive making them suffer to make them feel what we feel.

How do we do that well we can get a big theater where people can come and watch the show as those are getting unish, it will be fairly expensive but a good time. They will see how we start from parts of the body while those are alive and if you pay more you get to get up stage and do anything to a part of the body in the person being punish so our citizen feel like they have participation too. After we cut each part and the person is dead all those parts will be going to be selled on EBay, not so expensive so anybody can afford It and feel satisfied that we are taking action.

Yet but that wouldn't be a good Idea because we cant solve our roblems with that cruelty , so a real solution would be to gather everyone together and dont let it be a law. By everyone protesting they will have to listen to us and cant Ignore this. We dont want authority to tell us what can and cannot do, "It means less freedom and more mind control" (Gaye levy January 18, 2012). By censoring the Internet the government would Ilmlt people's Ideas and capacity to say what their thinking plus they will be taking our freedom which Is one of the most Important things In a country like the united States. Brian Leatherman December 19, 1999). Like the Great Debate of should we censor the Internet says: "Dixon Is very upbeat about the internet, she feels that its benefits are enormous. For Dixon one of the best own publisher" (Hooder and Stoughton), Where else can you go and write knowledge you know. Now you might argue how kids would be able to watch everything at any web, well look at the TV shows now a day or the video games they have violence and they show sexual content. The internet is not the only source of kids learning bad things. Now by having access to webs were able to get on any site and watch movies, ownload music etc. imagine if people wouldn't be able to do that and Just sit around, wouldn't you think more people are going to be out there stealing because they want music to entertain themselves but they don't have money to be spending on that, do you think everyone can afford to get colleges books because they don't have access to read something they need for class?. Is that why most of the traditional colleges students have a computer in front of them looking and reading for information they don't understand or questions they have, so now were not only aking our freedom of speech but were rejecting technology which helps make our life easier.

So are the people who wanted to censor the internet not using it? Or are they debating because they don't have all these benefits in mind. Wouldn't censoring the internet make somewhat feel like communism because who would oppose that everyone has the right to know and understand what's going on so we the people can be able to make our own decision by our self because if we don't know what's really going on we can Just make decisions on what we're being told then that's not going to e a successful country. Our Internet will be censored, freedom of speech will be restricted, innovative startup companies won't exist, our privacy will be gone and everything we do will be monitored, many of our freedoms and civil rights will be gone, lifesaving medicine will be restricted, certain seeds for crops will be restricted, etc. " (ACTA & TPP February 1 1, 2012). That's not the future we want, we had fought very hard in order to stop communism, and we will not be the ones spreading it after so many years of being the biggest nation with all the freedom we deserve.

Now this s an example of what could happen if this law becomes successful "Picture it: you're sitting at your PC and you log into your Internet access server to read your email. You're expecting a message from a friend, who is sending you some information on breast cancer, but when you check your inbox there is instead a message from the server. It says the message that was sent to you from the address of your friend has been intercepted because it contained indecent material that did not comply with FCC regulations of the Internet.

You call your friend only to find that the police have ome and taken her away, and she is now facing up to two years in prison and/or up to $100,000 in fines. The message sent by your friend contained the word "breast," which by current FCC standards is indecent, and thus not permitted to be transferred on the Internet. Due to this, your friend is now subject to criminal charges. " (Bruce, Marty April 1996) Now that's sounds scary, so let's all put our hands together so our future won't be limited and we can be able to decide what the best is for us , and lets all be our self not what others what us to be.