In the development of a racer's external shaping and performance because a well-engineered aerodynamic design will allow the racer to complete lower lapses when racing. This analysis Is based on the airflow behavior along the vehicle's external shaping and the effects of aerodynamic drag and downer on the vehicle's maneuvering and racing performance.

Being the main goal to obtain lower drag in order to achieve higher speeds and more downer in order to improve grip. In this paper an aerodynamic analysis is done in order to validate the current aerodynamic design of the FEES (Formula EASE) racer and to determine whether the former design will allow the car to be competitive enough to qualify within the top fifty at the annual FEES competition. Methods: Wind tunnel and full-scale aerodynamic tests are performed n order to show whether the current FEES aerodynamic design will allow the car to have a competitive performance or If changes need to be made to improve It.

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The Interpretation of the results of the mentioned tests will show the airflow behavior along the external shape of the racer and the values of the aerodynamic drag and downer at different positions on the body of the car and at different airflow speeds. Computer oriented simulations are also performed in order to support experimental data. Results: Complete results haven't been calculated as of yet but eased on computer simulations it is expected to obtain an aerodynamic design that gives a downer within a range of boss and boss at airflow speed of MPH with drag and lift coefficients of 0. And 0. 813 respectively. The obtained aerodynamic drag should allow the car to cover a distance of 75 meters in 4. 55 seconds and the obtained aerodynamic downer should allow the car to sustain a grip of 1. 11 g's. Conclusion: If the expected results are met the former aerodynamic design of the FEES racer will be validated otherwise It will be modified to meet the required results.