If you have invested into the Banners Broker Ponzi scheme and have lost your money you should act at all cost and report them to your local police as well as the financial services authority in your country. There is really no need to be ashamed or something. Why is it so important? Read this article to know more.

I have recently red an article from Eddie O Driscoll who was invited to the Banners Broker Ponzi scam quite a while ago. He had the luck to know all necessary things in order to identify Banners Broker as a fraud within minutes. His article is really a great example for why it is so important to report such fraud to police and not to stay silent if you got ripped off.

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In his article, Eddie describes how he tried to get Banners Broker nailed by authorities at their World Tour in Ireland (Dublin). When he called the police they adviced him to call the local fraud squad in Dublin, which he did. He spoke to a friendly detective who asked him of he lost money. When he answered this question with “no” (he never invested a dime into the scheme), the detective said that he can not do anything.

According to him, his hands are tied until there is someone filing a complain who actually lost money in the scheme. Of course at the time this happens it is already too late. The owners would most likely be disappeared already with most of the money. So the World Tour took place, giving Banners Broker another chance to rip off more people. Luckily the promotional effect for Banners Broker was limited thanks to a wide negative feedback of the local media in Ireland.

However, today Banners Broker is collapsing. They are conducting selective payments for over 6 months already. This also means that thousands of people have lost money. Now it is crucial that you file complains as soon as possible, so authorities start to act. Banners Broker is already being investigated in appr. 7 countries, but this process is slow. Your complain will speed this process up and significantly increases the chance of getting back some of your lost money.

Do not hesitate, act now!