Today, with the popularity of using the Internet through computers, computers and the Internet are becoming the two most important technologies in our everyday lives. We use computers for study, work, communication, business and many other things. In the United States, there are estimated 165 million Internet users with 25 millions of those users being age 12-17 (Rimes). The average teen chooses to spend an average of 16. 7 hours a week reading and writing online (Goldwater 39).

Due to these surprising statistics, some people condemn that so many people are spending o much time on computers and this has brought about negative impacts on their lives, especially on young people. I think that computers are the necessary tool for young people because they have to rely on them to learn new knowledge, to practice living skills, and to use for their employment. Computers undoubtedly provide visible advantages and benefits for young people in education. Today, young students prefer utilizing computers to do their homework.

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A computer is a great thing for a student to have, mainly because of word processing application such as Microsoft Word. They frequently use computers for their empower assignment because it is an efficient way to do so. The point Is that they now do not need to complete their assignments In the traditional ways by using pens and papers to repeatedly write or copy their work, which requires spending more mum and materials. Because the prices of computers are becoming affordable, a computer today is just like a cell-phone in the young people's everyday lives.

With their computers, they can easily move the words, sentences, as well as the whole paragraphs from the different parts of their drafts, and this only needs several seconds to complete. Obviously, computers have become essential tools that offer young students an easy way to get their work done. Another advantage of computer is providing Web-based systems that allow students to do their homework online such as Blackboard, Web (V"M. Web. Com), Homework Service (HTTPS://how. Texas. Dude/bur/overview. HTML), and Weber are becoming more widely used in higher education. Some advantages of homework-assistance systems are immediate feedback to students and automatic grading and recording of grades for Instructors. Automatic grading saves time for teachers who would Like to grade all of their dents' paper-and-pencil homework carefully by hand but do not have time. In it will be graded and the grade will be recorded (Mendocino 2) With these systems, students can often get immediate feedback on their answers and work and sometimes help toward solving problems.

The example of positive results for using Web-based homework assistance instead of traditional paper-and-pencil homework is Mastering-physics, a Web-based physics homework tutor developed at MIT. This website uses mastery learning, the term they use to help students to solve physics homework problems. Students can ask for hints on problems and receive feedback on common student errors. Some hints will ask the student a question that behaves like a "scaffolding question" in the Assistant system.

Workability's & Pritchard (2005) found that twice as many students could complete a set of problems in a given time with the help provided by Mastering-physics when compared to students who worked on the problems without help. Computers have helped education by providing online resources for learning. A wealth of resources is now available online for people who research all kinds of epics imaginable. In the present day, college students enjoy using computers to do research through the Internet to find reliable information, such as evidence and statistics to better support their own ideas or opinions.

However, this necessary process has become a target for some people. They think that young students care about nothing except their computers. Young computer users, according to Doris Leasing, a Noble Prize winner in literature, condemned that "young men and women... Have read nothing, knowing only some specialty or other, for instance, computer"( CTD. In Goldwater 237). People who have the same view as Leggings might never have chances to get their work done by computers when they were in campus, whereas today's students can take advantages provided by new technologies to accomplish their tasks.

The reason was that, at their school time, they had to spend a lot of time sitting at school libraries to read heavy books for their assignments. They now cannot understand that today's students doing their researches only need to stay at home and click their computer buttons. Therefore, Goldwater claims that "those like Leasing, who consider Internet has seduced whole enervation into its inanities" and must be driven by some "Jealousy and insecurity' (238). In other words, the older generations should understand and encourage young people to use new technologies to achieve their goals.

In addition, older generations also could be doing research through the Internet. It is the same process but not for study or work, perhaps for their own personal interest such as finance, hobby and health purposes. Researching on the Internet is a complex and sophisticated process involving in reading extensive materials to find and collect adequate data for finally analyzing and making a conclusion. When young students eventually accomplish their work, they can actually learn something through this process.

Young students should not be limited to use new ways and new technologies for their studies. "Like all learning, the learning in computer is always constructive" (Institute for Educational Research. ) Necessarily and noticeably, using the Internet through computers to find valuable sources are becoming significant things for young people to do well in their study, and this process provides huge benefits for them to get their tasks done completely. Students who use computers according to a new COED study. The report, "Are students ready for a technology-rich world? , claims that school students who use computers regularly perform better in key school subjects than those with limited computer experience or a lack of confidence when it comes to performing basic computer tasks. Recent advances in educational technology do not only assist students but also teachers. Teachers now have a multitude of tools to assist and enhance student learning and motivation. Alan Marshall, head of information systems for Sheffield schools, thinks that, far from making teachers lazier, computers will actually make them do more work for which they are trained.

Nowadays, instructors prefer to use multimedia technologies to give more colorful visual and stimulating lectures, which help students easily and fully understand the lectures and promote their learning motivations of their studies. "Using new technology assisting in teaching benefits both students and faculty, as it can lead towards better retentions of students. In turn, course throughput rates increase" (Angela and Kookiest. ) My personal experience has firmly convinced me of the importance of instructors using computers to assist their lecture time, offering a lot of help to their students.

This semester, I am taking Financial Accounting class with Ms Beavers. At the beginning of this semester, I felt it was so difficult because a lot of vocabulary was hard to memorize or to understand. Every day, I had to spend more than three hours to look up all the new words to find the meaning or explanations of them. As my instructor, Ms Beavers, learned of my difficulty in her class, she advised me to go to the course website to ruefully study power points before the lecture time. Her suggestion helped me a lot.

Since I frequently visited the course website, I only needed to spend an hour a day for this class. During the lecture time, Ms Beavers, repeated the power points and brought out more explanations and details related to them. I fell that the lecture became much easy to understand. The reason was that all the power points clearly showed me what the main points of the text book talked about. Ms Beavers also provided course video to assist her lectures in order to help us to understand some implicated and complex accounting circle.

A case in point, the first time when I studied the accounting circle, I could not understand what it really meant. When my instructor showed us the video about it, explaining how to write an income statement, balance sheet or post to the Journal ledger I immediately got the ideas and understood the problems. With all these assistances provided by computers and Internet, both instructors and students got great benefits from these technologies. I just cannot imagine what a situation would be like if my instructor did not use the imputer technology to help her students to understand her lectures.