Advantages of database over Advantages of spread sheets; One of the advantages of database is that It reduced data redundancy this Is because In databases, there Is an identifier. The Identifier Is the primary key, where when It Is entered, all other details, which saved under the primary key, will be revealed. Therefore, there'll be less repetition of data. Next, databases Improved data integrity, which it will guaranteed the data proven to be correct.

Linked to the primary key function, the data will be correct as there's no redundancy. Databases also improved data security where the data in databases will be protected and only authorized personnel can have access into it. Databases are obviously reducing errors and increased the consistency of the data or information channeled. On the other hand, spread sheets only perform a better calculation as it displays the formulas and the stages of calculations.

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It is user-friendly that user could use and understand how to use spread sheet in calculations. Hence, it will increase the productivity of users or employees when performing tasks as user does not have to understand difficult terms or operations. Spread sheet also exhibits a clear layout of data that It only Involves one theme. In general, databases are more enhanced than spread sheet as It performs more functions, which are more practical. 2. Database Database Application Users 3. A) Based on the figure 5. 0, there can be many advisors for one student. This is called many to one relationship and the maximum cardinality is only one student for many advisors. B) One to one relationship means that one advisor only can accommodate one student. C) relationship means that one student only can consult five advisors and the maximum cardinality Is five. D) relationship means one advisor only caters five students and the maximum cardinality is five. 4. Two entities in the data entry form in Figure 5. 28 are employee class and attendance.

The attributes for employee class are course name, course date, instructor and remarks whereas; attributes for attendance are first name, last name and email. The identifier for this data entry is the employee number. 5. Employee Class Attendance The relationship between employee class and attendance Is many to one relationship.