To connect with family, friends, work and colleges group It is the latest medium of connecting with your dear ones. You can even customize the settings to be "offline" or "online" for some selected ones and still chat with them easily. Faceable conversation does not even require money which is sometimes a reason for some people for not calling up their pals. Information Since you connect globally here, you get the news of the world.

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There are some pages and communities that are created on Faceable to keep a track of the latest updates n any specific field like sports, educational, political entertainment etc. Information about the people across the seas as well as the ones near you are also readily available to you. Whatever happens in anybody life they tend to update it through their "status", or photographs. So, you are there and then informed about any such updates and thus Faceable proves to be very informative. Entertainment There are many ways in which Faceable can be used as a source of entertainment.

First of all, the gossips that you have with your friends is the biggest way that could never leave you to bore. Then, there are videos of your interests, lots of interactive games, applications and quizzes for fun. You can even invite your Faceable pals to play games or take the quizzes. To find a date You have the freedom to browse the profiles of other people on Faceable until and unless they have not customized and hidden it from the public. Your access to their profiles can help you find people of your interests and you can easily send a "friend request" to them OR send a private message.

So, if you describe yourself in a charming fashion in your profile, someone might wish to be your date! Image and Video hosting You can use faceable to host your images and videos. You get a direct download link of whatever you upload. There is unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth. Faceable provides this free of cost, whereas other websites offer this service with limited bandwidth, and there are some that have this service a paid one. So, this is for a big benefit for all the floggers and website owners. Right! Business Promotion Faceable is an intelligent place to market your products.

The immensely increasing faceable users can be your future potential customers. Marketers can create a page for their products where they can have the images, videos and detailed descriptions about the products. The users will visit this page more than the official site of your products to get issues resolved and thus, this is a very good way to reach out to your customers. To find a Job Through faceable you can easily contact the manager or create professional contacts with any number of hiring people. Keep updating your status regularly about your job requirements and someone will surely come up to help you.

Video calling The tool for video calling of Faceable helps you to have a normal video chat, as the name specifies. Your distant relatives and friends can easily come close to you, as you are in front of each other "live".... Many a times, you can have an interview or meeting with your professional counterparts and thus it helps in establishing relationships. As personal portfolio If you are an artist, then create a page for yourself and then create a portfolio where you can display your art and maintain the collection. A portfolio of all the memorable snaps can also be uploaded so that they are there as a backup.

Social protest Faceable is such a powerful weapon that any kind of social issue can gain momentum and can create a wave of enthusiasm amongst the people that any other media cannot, in a short time. DISADVANTAGES Now, as we know that excess of anything is bad, Faceable also has some disadvantages that you need to take care of. Let us have a look. Breach to privacy and personal info Whatever safety measures you take to protect your profile, there will always be some hackers and stalkers looking to enter your profile and do unwanted things.

Your arsenal photographs and videos that you upload can be easily stolen by them. So, it is better not to give too private information on the profile and not share pick that are too personal. Personal status published publicly Just to seek attention It is a human tendency that people take more interest in others lives rather than their own. The same applies to Faceable too. Maximum of the people post their personal status publicly so that they can seek the attention of others. This misleads people and wastes a lot of time getting involved in such a thing. Fake Faceable profiles

Sometimes people create fake profiles Just for fun or to stalk on other people. There are millions of fake profiles existing there because some strange people create profiles for a non-human entity such as their "pets". Many people enter into online personal relationships with wrong persons and that could lead to their ruin. People try to pose as someone else and try to fool others. Some businessmen add their own- created Faceable friends so as to show their customers how much they are in demand. This makes it very difficult for people who really desire to be safe on Faceable. Writing worthless things

Faceable does not stop anyone from writing anything on places like "walls" of their own or their friends, comments, messages etc. This tends to waste a lot of time because many a times these kinds of things uselessly attract the attention of others and they cannot stop themselves from reading it and actually taking part in the conversation. Time consuming Faceable is an addiction. Once you Join it, you are likely to spend most of your free time doing something or the other on Faceable. And it does not stops here. Some people even start compromising their family get-together and professional meetings for this Faceable.