Tomb Mount Kilt Elementary School is committed to educate the youth of Cavity for be a school wherein leaders are developed to become competent and responsible members of the Filipino society; equipped with maximum potentials so that they hall be valued and respected in the global community; responsive to the demands of a technologically advancing society; and who are above all, humane and morally upright. It shall continuously serve by its philosophy of "Quality Education for All" and shall always be guided by its goal of "living up to a national culture of excellence".

MISSION Tomb Mount Kilt Elementary school is committed to provide knowledge and values necessary for the attainment of higher academic performance. It will provide youth and adults with habits and skills needed for life-long learning and deliver effective revises for the common good. Problems addressed by the DB'S Pre-DB'S Typographical Error: Misspelled words caused by rapid input of data as they have to pass it to the higher department as soon as urgent. Time-wasting: It can take a while to manually add or search data.

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Improper classification of data: It is difficult to sort lots of data into groups. Misplace of Data: There are some cases that the records can be lost or misplaced making it hard to retrieve. Limited: They cannot create back-ups, as they have to take it a long time. Not Secured: There's only one authorized room to place all of data. Current DB'S Crashing program and cannot be retrieved: One of the problems that is caused by bugs. Slow process of data: This is due to low memory (mostly hardware problems) pass it to the higher department as soon as urgent.

Creator of the System The Grading system is provided by the Department of Education The Department of Education was established through the Education Decree of 1863 as the Superior Commission of Primary Instruction under a Chairman. The Education agency underwent many reorganization efforts in the 20th century in order to better define its purpose visit a visit the changing administrations and charters. The present day Department of Education was eventually mandated through Republic Act 91 55, otherwise known as the Governance of Basic Education act of 2001 which establishes the mandate of this agency.

The Department of Education (Depend) formulates, implements, and coordinates policies, plans, programs and projects in the areas of formal and non-formal basic education. It supervises all elementary and secondary education institutions, including alternative learning systems, both public and private; and provides for the establishment and maintenance of a complete, adequate, and integrated system of basic education relevant to the goals of national placement.