Identify current legislation, guidance policies and protocols relevant to administration of medication Medicines are regulated by the law due to their harm potential If they are misused. The variety of laws and regulation can be delved In 3 mall groups: Handling of medicines Medicines Act, 1968 Misuse of drugs act 1971 Health and Social Care act 208 RPR Handling of Medicines In Social care Guidance Health and safety Health and safety at Work Act, 1974

COACH Regulations, 1999 Hazardous waste regulations, 2005 Confidentiality Access to Health Records Act, 1990 Data Protection Act, 1998 The flirt group handling of medicines covers the steps from the prescribing of a medicine to its receipt, storage and administration to the individual for which the medicine is intended. Medicines Act, 1968. - The medicines act and its amendments govern the manufacture, licensing, prescribing and supply of medicines. The act classifies medicines into 3 categories: Prescription Only Medicines (POMP), Pharmacy

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Medicines (PM) and General List (SSL) Misuse of drugs act 1971. - This and its amendments set out a list of drugs that can be harmful if misused and make It Illegal to supply or possess them. The act makes and exception for some drugs that are used as medicines. These are called Controlled Drugs (CDC) and may be supplied by pharmacists to individuals with a prescription. Health and Social Care act 208. - This provides care institutions with standards for creating policies and procedures related o the receipt, storage and administration of medicines.

The act is intended to protect individuals receiving medicines In a care environment by requiring that all health and social care Institutions operate to essential standards of quality and safety. RPR Handling of Medicines in Social care Guidance. This in a Social Care Guidance is drawn up by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. It describes best practices for the handling of medicines in the care environment in line with the current legislation.