Administer Word List examination Begin two levels below the student's current grade level Administer word lists until all independent, instructional, and frustration levels are found Score immediately (sample scoring sheet has been printed) 2. Assess prior knowledge Administer concept-questions task on for a passage which is at students independent level as determined by word list assessment. Score concept- question task as follows (see examples on pigs. 9-51): 0 3 points: Precise definition, functional response to a phrase, an answer to a question specifically related to passage content, or a synonym 02 points: an example of the concept, a specific attribute or defining characteristics, or a function 0 1 point: a general association; isolation of a prefix, suffix, or root word, or firsthand personal associations o O points: sound-alike, unconnected responses, or no response or "l don't know' A score of 5/9 or above should be used to Indicate familiarity 3. Have the student read the familiar narrative passage orally.

Time the reading and record the miscues using examiner's copy (see printout of sample scored passage) 4. Count and record miscues 5. Remove the passage and have the student retell the story ("Retell the story as If you were telling It to someone who has never heard or read It before. ") and record the responses. When student Is finished, ask them If there Is anything else that they recall from the story? Draw attention to the title and ask, "Is there anything else you remember? " (Retelling can be done later when listening to recording) 6.

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Ask the student the comprehension questions for the passage and record her answers. 7. Determine the total passage level using the Word Identification (WAR) and Comprehension (Coma) levels and the following guidelines.