Grades 9-12

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Subject: Computers

Title: Using Microsoft Word

Relevance: To prepare students to type a letter.

Goal: The students should be able to use a word processor to type a letter.

Objectives: The students will turn on the computer.

The student will use Windows 95.

Materials and Methods: Computer equipment in H.S. computer lab.

Focus: Show a flashy letter with pretty artwork in the background.

Presentation: Inform students that they will be able to use this information to type a letter to a relative or loved one. Tell them that later they will build on these skills to make a page on the Internet. Explain step by step with the text while the students follow along.

Guided Practice: Use the overhead projector along with my computer to show the class how to use the word processor. Allow the students to practice with me.

Independent Practice: Assign homework and allow students to practice using the word processor on their own. Allow students to work on homework.

Assessment: Pop quiz

Closure: Remind student of homework

Tell the students what to expect for the next class meeting.

Word Count: 190