Communication Agency, TheAudience, was hired by some major bitcoin companies to create an ad campaign to rebuild bitcoin reputation.

Majority of people describe bitcoin as a fledgling crypto currency with an image problem. It is true that currency, first introduced in 2009, has attracted countless controversies but it has immense potential too.

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It has been reported that bitcoin will be get a makeover.

It is expected that the ad campaign will unique. Some bitcoin related companies like the Bitcoin Foundation, BitFury, Tally Capital and BitGo have taken the initiative.

The consortium hired avante garde ad agency TheAudience to help rebuild the bitcoin reputation. The intention is to change how the general public perceives bitcoin.

Oliver Luckett, the CEO of the ad firm, said “We need to highlight the opportunity of bitcoin, we need to educate people on what it is.” He seems as passionate about as bitcoin evangelists. What’s different is how the firm will go about achieving that goal.

The aim behind the ad campaign is standard. It has to highlight bitcoin’s positive aspects. It is expected that the ad will help people forget mishaps like Silk Road and Mt. Gox collapses and remind about the benefits of bitcoin.

It can discuss about bitcoin’s potential to help the unbanked population of the world for example.

Now, the concern is how TheAudience will attain the pre-determined goal. Bitcoin ads are not very common. Payment processor BitPay had run ads when it bought a college football bowl sponsorship. The firm boldly named the game “Bitcoin Bowl” after the digital currency.

It will be interesting to see how TheAudience sell bitcoin’s message in the ad campaign. This campaign will feature Ms. Brinley and several other social media stars. The stars will incorporate bitcoin into their online work.

Even though these social media stars are not as popular and Hollywood celebrities, they have thousands of followers on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

The avante garde ad agency taps a network of social-media stars, which are also called micro-celebrities by some people.

Mr. Luckett, however, chooses to call these rising social media stars influencers. The influencers who will be part of the bitcoin ad campaign will tout bitcoin on their own networks, YouTube or Vine channels.

According to Mr. Luckett, “These influencers are the key.” He claims that this method is new while only the platform is new.

He discussed this type of collaboration between the brand and artists are quite similar to early days when firms chose to sponsor shows like soap operas.

Name of micro-celebrities like Peyton Manning might not sound familiar. However, these are channels which TheAudience is tapping. Mr. Luckett explained the decision, “They can push a button and 8 million people will sit down to watch their content.”

TheAudience is an ad agency founded back in 2011 by 3 men. The founders include of former Walt Disney Co. executive Mr. Luckett, Naspter co-founder Sean Parker and super-agent Ari Emanuel. The creative company does not only make spots and buy ad space.