A small women; has 12 children; has sunscorched skin; was pretty in the past; hardwroking; favors Jethro; grew up in Kentucky; 4 or 5 of her children died; not close with Nancy
Closest with Bill; youngest of 12 children; born in 1952; favored of 12 children; likes to learn; works on the field; 9 years old
What kinds of things troubled adults that April morning?
Months of drought, elections, slavery, secession, waiting to see if Lincoln has decided to go to war
Jethro's sister; 14 years old; Has black hair; Shad and her like each other
Shadrach Yale
Schoolmaster at Jethro's school; from Pennsylvania; has feelings for Jenny; had planned to do other things but stayed at the school
How does Tom and Eb feel about the prospects of war?
Want it to come soon
What happened to Mary?
She went to a dance with Rob; when leaving, a drunk man named Travis chased after them and scared their horses with a gun and as a result, their carriage tipped over and they died
Who does Jethro compare to his father?
Abe Lincoln because both men waver when having to make decisions
Jethro's sister in law; John's wife; not family oriented; aloof from family; abused as a child; Ellen dislikes her
Jethro's favorite brother; has blonde curly hair and blue eyes; big silent man; peculiar; loves to read; great physical strength; doesn't drink; hangs out with John; goes to school when laid off of work
Wilse Graham
Ellen's sister's son; Ellen hardly hears from him; from Kentucky
How did 3 of Ellen's children die?
Child paralysis
Why are Shadrach and the Creightons friends?
Ellen nursed him back to health when he had typhoid fever and have been friends with him since
Why is Shadrach planning on leaving?
To get an update about the dispute between the North and the South
What was Jethro's initial feeling about the war?
He wanted it to come because to him it just seemed like loud brass music and men riding on horses
What were people going to do to Travis when he killed Mary?
Whole town banded together to kill him?
Who stopped the killing of Travis?
Matt Creighton (Pa)
Jethro's cousin
What does the family talk about at the dinner table in Chapter 1?
Jenny's affection for Shadrach
What does Matt Creighton say about Jenny's relationship?
She is too young for a relationship
Who does Ellen see arriving when she goes outside?
Wilse Graham
Why is Ellen happy to see Wilse Graham?
She hasn't seen him in years and usually when he comes he brings information about the people from Kentucky
How does Wilse feel about slavery and the prospect of war?
Doesn't mind slavery because the men in history that signed the Constitution thought slavery was okay; thought war was about greed; Resents north for bothering the south
How does Jethro's feelings change after listening to the conversation among the men?
felt troubled what war was doing to his family
What news does Shadrach bring?
Fires have been shot at Fort Sumpter; Congress not in session; need 75,000 volunteers for war
Where do the Creighton's live?