In this department, I have working for being a setter and operator to operate the VMC machine. Which is mean I have to setting the machine in time that have been give to me. Beside that, I have to help my supervisor in setting the machine to make sure the process is follow the procedure. I also have been teach by my supervisor in how to do the work by using the work instruction and Work flow. These are example of my works that I have to do which are: ? Work Instruction ? Machine Maintenance ? Machine Setter ? Jigs setter. ? Manufacture the jigs. ? Production Setter. History Head office and Factory of Flexible Machining System Sdn Bhd.

The Flexible Machining System (FMS) Group is made up of 3 companies operating in the Rawang. There is a Tractor Line Industries, Man Hydraulics System and Acestahl Organization. Tractor-Line was incorporated in 1989 with only a small factory, has since evolved as a leading manufacturer in tractor and hydraulic replacement parts as well as OEM for automotive parts and components. At the forefront of the industry, our involvement is not limited to the manufacturing level but the entire integrated process from designing to production, machining to engineering, repairing to maintenance, raw materials to finished goods, and packaging to delivery.

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Technologically equipped with state-of-the-art and fully-computerized machinery, our team of European-trained engineers and technicians certainly have the defined edge in meeting even the most stringent and specific requirements. And with our bi-weekly evaluation, our customers can rest assured that they are furnished with the latest market information, technological know-how and global techniques from time to time. Flexible Machining System is a group in the worldwide provides one-stop metal-work solution for wide range of industries that insist on world class quality.

The corporate vision is to be the best at what we do. To be a global player in the metal working industry by providing Total Customer Satisfaction, Superior Value, Quality Leadership and Innovation Technology. Flexible Machining System group aims to make this happen through the consolidation of resources of the companies under it wings:- 1) Tractor Line Sdn Bhd (TL) 2) Man-Hydraulic System Sdn Bhd (MAN) 3) ACESTAHL HLODINGS Mission To provide one-stop metal-work solutions for a wide range of industries that insists on world-class quality.