Aphrodite/ Cypris appears and takes responsibility for the following events, Hippolytus arrives and worships Artemis after a hunt, Servant advises him not to reject Aphrodite but Hippolytus ignores him and leaves, servant apologises to Aphrodite and asks her to forgive Hippolytus
Women of Trozen enter, describe Phaedra's illness, contemplate whether she has offended a God, if Theseus is having an affair or if she has received bad news, invoke Artemis and ask her to help
Episode one
Nurse appears with Phaedra veiled and on a bed, Phaedra yearns for the places Hippolytus has been, Chorus question the Nurse as to her sickness, Nurse promises to find out, she supplicates to Phaedra to tell her and Phaedra reveals her love for Hippolytus, Chorus and the Nurse react badly and Phaedra justifies her course of action to them- she must die, Nurse tries to convince her to pursue Hippolytus but Phaedra rejects this, tells Phaedra she has a charm which will cure her and leaves to find it
Stasimon one
Chorus sing of the destruction of love and Eros, pointless sacrificing to the Gods if you ignore Aphrodite, pray she never strikes them as love can be violent
Episode two
Phaedra realises the Nurse has told Hippolytus, listens off-stage to them arguing, Hippolytus gives famous misogynistic speech on women, only keeps quiet because of the oath the Nurse made him swear, Phaedra argues with the Nurse and dismisses her, tells the Chorus of her changed plans, must now kill Hippolytus to protect her reputation, swears the Chorus to silence
Stasimon two
Passage of time which allows for Phaedra's suicide, Chorus wish themselves far away from the Tragedy unfolding, lament Phaedra's demise
Episode three
Theseus arrives home successful from the Oracle, Chorus reveal Phaedra's suicide, Theseus laments and grieves for her, finds the tablet in her hand, reads it and curses Hippolytus with Poseidon's curse, also exiles him from the city, Hippolytus arrives, questions Theseus over Phaedra's death, Theseus angrily condemns him and refuses to listen to Hippolytus' defence, he is exiled
Stasimon three
Passage of time which represents Hippolytus leaving the city and being struck down by the curse, male and female chorus sing in turn, question the Gods, have lost their faith at the sight of suffering and Hippolytus' unfair treatment, lament his exile
Servant arrives and brings news that Hippolytus is close to death, describes Poseidon's curse striking him down, Theseus allows him to be brought to the palace, Artemis appears and reveals the truth and Aphrodite's plans to Theseus, Hippolytus enters and laments his misery, Artemis promises to take revenge on Aphrodite, Theseus and Hippolytus reconcile and Hippolytus dies