who wrote this book?
Richard Peck
What is the setting in this story?
Chicago in the year 1937 in the month of September
How old is Mary Alice?
15 years old
Who was she going to live with?
What were the disadvantages of living in grandmas house?
She didn't have any friends and didn't know anybody
What did Mary Alice take with her to her grandma's house?
Her mother's dresses
What did grandma look like?
White hair, brushed shoes, skirt, shirt, and an umbrella
where does grandma take Mary Alice to?
What does trigger-happy mean?
You like to shoot things
Where were the bathrooms?
They were wooden outhouses that would be outside
Why didn't Grandma go to high school?
She was feared by everybody and was kicked out
What did Mr. Fluke do at school?
He was the coach, janitor, and the principle
What's wrong with Mildred?
She was mean to Mary Alice
How does Mildred make Mary Alice feel welcome?
She lets her look at her book in class since Mary Alice doesn't have anything for school
Miss Butler teaches what?
History and chemistry
Why did Mildred follow Mary Alice home?
She gave her a ride
What does Grandma feed them?
Cottage Cheese
Where is Mildred's father? Why?
1. in the navy
2. he was drafted
What happened to Mildred's boots and horse?
Grandma put her boots on the horse and let the horse free so it would come back to its owner
How did Mildred get home?
She walked home barefooted
Why won't Mildred come to school?
She doesn't want to walk that far
Where is Bootsie going to stay?
at Grandma's house
How did Grandma keep Bootsie from running away?
She put butter on her paws
How did people in Grandma's town celebrate Halloween?
They would pull pranks, go trick-or-treating, and they would put candle lit pumpkins in the window
What was Grandma's favorite holiday?
why did grandma need to bake pies?
mary alice's school party
what was on bootsie's tail?
a rusty old can
what was grandma cooking on her stove?
what did grandma do with picture wire
she used it to trip the boys who were pranking her
what is a cobhouse?
a storage building
what did grandma do with her glue?
she poured it over a boys' head after he tripped on the wire
what did the boys leave behind?
A knife, a handsaw, and flour
where does she get the flour for her pies?
from the flour the boys left
Who is carleen lovejoy?
the leader of mean girls and the grain dealer's daughter
how does carleen treat mary alice?
She acts like she doesn't see her
Why does grandma go to visit old man nyquist?
She wants some of his pecans
where did grandma get her pumpkins?
from the pensingers pumpkin patch
how is grandma going to pay the pensingers for their pumpkins?
make them a pie
how did grandma dress for the school party?
wore an apron over her skirt and shirt and a hat with a feather in it
why was augie such in bad shape at the party?
He was the boy who tripped and grandma poured glue on his head
what knife did grandma use to cut the pies?
the knife the boys left at her house
Who complimented grandma on her pies?
How does mary alice feel about her bedroom at grandmas house?
she feels like it is too dark, too cold, and too quiet
what did mary alice wear to sleep in?
her robe over her pjs
How did grandma keep from freezing to death when she was a girl?
She would run in her sleep
grandma and mary alice go to celebrate?
Armistice day
what is a turkey shoot?
where boys shoot paper turkeys
what is the American legion?
veterans from the great war
Where did turkey shoot take place at?
Ambarnamthese house
what is burgoo
a type of stew where you put all of the leftover food in a pot
what does Augie shoot?
a tire
when did everyone stop and face east?
when it was 11 o'clock, 11th day, 11 hour
What did grandma charge for the burgoo?
how much did the banker pay for the burgoo?
a silver dollar
grandma is invited to join the what?
what happened to the leftover burgoo?
she put it into quart jars and left it with Mrs. Abernathy
What did grandma do with the money she collected for the burgoo?
she put it in coffee cans
Describe Mrs. Abernathy's son
His in thin, he is in a wheelchair, and he is blind
Why did grandma like the picture of Kate Smith?
She was like grandma; plump and round
What kind of Christmas gifts are the girls making in Home Ec?
hot pads
Why does Mary Alice give hers to Ina Rae?
Ina Rae's was ugly and she felt bad for her
Who was better dressed, Carleen or Mary Alice?
Why is that a good thing for Mary Alice
because people kept calling her a rich Chicago girl
Mary Alice plays the role of who in the program?
Virgin, Mary
How is grandma dressed when she has been out in the snow?
Wicker basket, black boots, and a skimpy coat
why does grandma take Mary Alice out at night with a pistol?
So she can kill the fox she trapped
What did grandma do with the foxes?
She skinned them
Grandma orders what for Mary Alice to wear?
Shoes, paper patterns around her feet
Describe grandma's Christmas decor
she only had a tree with pinecones, popcorn strings, and a star
How did Grandma make mary alice's halo?
she made it out of bailing wire, with tiny stars
What do the students use for Baby Jesus in the program?
Ina Rae's baby doll
Who came to the Christmas program with grandma?
What was Grandma's Christmas present to Mary Alice?
A train ticket
Why does Mrs.Weidenback come to visit Grandma?
She wants her to make cherry tarts for the DAR
What is the DAR?
daughters of American Revolution
describe the new kid
tall, good looking, red-gold hair, and ears stood straight out
what is the deal grandma offers Mrs. W?
She would make the tarts if the party could be at her house
Which student received the most Valentines?
Ina Rae
How did this change her life?
She was more happy and confident
who sent the extra valentine?
Mary alice
how is grandma dressed for the DAR tea?
dress, lace handkerchief, new shoes, and earrings
who has grandma invited to the DAR tea?
F.E. Wilcox, and Aunt Mae Grizwall
what is the reaction to Aunt Mae's news?
They were crying and they couldn't walk in a straight line
what kind of punch did grandma make for the tea
she puts Kentucky berbin in the punch
who has been writing the newsy notes for the local newspaper?
Mary Alice
What present does Mary Alice get for her sixteenth birthday?
a dollar
what kind of things did bootsie bring to mary alice?
a kitten, a robin's egg, half of a frog, and a fieldmouse
How did grandma wash their sheets?
she would put the sheets in a boiling pot, and wrung them out by hand
how did they wash their hair?
they used a rain-barrel water with her homemade lye soap
who had written the newsy notes for the newspaper?
mary alice
how much money is he making, and how much money does grandma charge him to rent a room?
$4 a day
mary has to sleep where?
on a cot
Why is Arnold Green a dangerous man?
he is a single man
Why does Mary Alice incite Royce McNabb to grandma's house?
She likes him but she says it's for tutoring
what does the whole town do on Sunday afternoon?
who screamed? why?
Maxine, because she has a snake rapped around her
what does grandma do?
she shoots the gun in the air so everybody would go outside and see Maxine naked with a snake on her
grandma invites who to supper? What do they eat?
Mrs. Butler
2. they have a buffet
Who start courting?
Arnold Green and Miss Butler
How does Mary Alice feel about Royce?
She likes him
How did Mary alice feel about spring?
she liked the flowers and it was better than Chicago
What was the school's motto?
We finish- Only to Begin
How did Mary Alice know a tornado was coming?
The wind and the siren
Where did Mary Alice go when she heard the siren?
she went to the house for grandma
What did grandma take to the cellar?
where in the cellar did grandma and mary alice wait out the storm?
In the corner of the cellar
how much damage did the tornado do to grandmas house?
Tar was ripped on the roof, and there was bricks everywhere
Where did they find Old Many Nyquist?
under his bed
How dies he act when they rescue him?
he was mad
where was Mrs. Effie Wilcox?
using grandma's privy
What happen to Effie's privy?
it got blow away
Who was the school valedictorian?
What is Royce going to do after high school?
Go to college
What was the all-school party to celebrate graduation and the end of the year?
Hay ride and weenie roasting
Why didn't the school have a prom?
There wasn't enough boys and they were Baptists (They didn't dance)
Where is Mary Alice going now that school is over?
She is going to Chicago because her parents got an apartment
What is grandma going to do after Mary Alice leaves?
Open a service
What did grandma mean when she said, " I don't lock my doors"?
Mary Alice can come any time she wants
Who did Mary Alice Marry?
What did Grandma make for the wedding?
cake and made a boquet
What kind of job did Mary Alice and Royce have?
Mary Alice- reporter
Royce- soldier