A word processor Is a computer program used to write, edit, print, and publish documents for school, work, or even use at home. A word processor in general can be used to create any type of document in plain text, rich text document, HTML, and XML documents. It also has many templates for use such as tables, and graphs for use with your papers and many other features. Microsoft Word is the word processor made by the Microsoft Incorporation, and usually comes In a package known as Microsoft Office and comes with other software such as Power Point, Excel, Groove, Outlook and other useful tools.

Some of Its eaters include: Cut or copy and paste. Formatting text: such as changing the size of the font, changing the color and even highlighting Important phrases so those portions stand out. Bullets and Borders: for keeping your paper organized. Spelling and Grammar check: Which helps correct mistakes with spelling and grammar errors. I would first greet the customer with a positive attitude to make him or her feel more comfortable. I would also thank the person for calling. Loud then ask her how I could help her or if there was something she needed help with. One possible challenge is people from other countries often have accents that sometimes aka things impossible to understand, and also sometimes they may not understand fully what they are talking about. You can overcome this by speaking slowly or asking if the customer understands what you are saying and also making sure you fully understand what they are saying, also understand that most people will not understand technical terms so you may have to speak In layman terms.

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One alternative solution would be to send an email with the features in it to that person with screen shots of the program or a comparison of that program compared to others. Here are the steps to help the customer with her problem with her letters. Step 1: Go to File then menu and click on New, and choose blank document. Step 2: Add your company logo and contact Information to this document. Step 3: Go to File menu and click save as, type a file name and choose to save It as a document template. Tepee 4: Save and close Now you can open the document and will be able to type your letters with all the your information and the company logo on the header of every page. First Just like always you must greet the customer with some respect and politeness to help make the customer feel comfortable. The make sure that you understand the customers Issue clearly so you don't give the wrong Information and aka the customer more confused than she already is.

One problem you might encounter if you don't ask first is if she wants to create a new template or merge to an existing template to help make things easier. As always try to speak in terms that an everyday average Joe would understand because not everyone is as technical as some. Make sure the customer is understanding your her so she can figure out how to do it or where she may have messed up at to fix the mistake. If the customer has problems understanding my instructions I would take corrections of each individual step along with an explanation of what I did and e- ail it to the customer.

I might also do this even if I do fix her problem the first time so if she ever needs to review the work to do it again she already has and can go back to it. Microsoft Word is automatically set to link all the headers and footers on each individual page to keep them all the same. When you go to File, Page Setup, Layout Tab you have a few options to change headers and footers. Since he has already divided the document into sections it is easy to have different headers and footers for each section. You Just need to follow these steps Step 1: Go to View, Menu and choose Header and Footer.

Step 2: On the Header and Footer toolbar there is an icon named Link to previous, Disable this Icon and this will enable you to have different headers and footers for each section. Step 3: Just repeat the previous two steps for each section. Greet the customer in a positive and friendly manner to make them feel comfortable Just like always. Make sure that you clearly understand the customer's wants and needs for the document and what he already has done. Most importantly make sure you understand that even if you are dealing with another employee they are still a customer asking for help if they call you.

You need to always make sure that you understand the problem fully before you start giving the customer on advice to help because you may only confuse them more by giving them steps that may not help them. Then ask the customer about his different sections and explain how the Header and Footer toolbar works in MS Word. Also make sure that you explain again that by default why the Header and Footer is the same on all the pages. If the customer has problems start from the beginning of the problem so as not to confuse the customer, and then maybe send him a couple of screen shots of the instructions and different views of headers and footers.