Command of Basic Facts, I possess a good grasp of most subjects I endeavour to show interest in, be it in my personal life or relating to my job. I have a great deal of respect for facts as my personal style inventory indicated. My current job requires me to have a good understanding of housing legislations and schemes available to applicants. I do have few housing qualifications and a membership of inside housing portal.

Good Communication Skills, as the overcrowding officer, it is essential for the success of my job, to be able to communicate effective with applicant, especially dealing with clients from across the cross section of the society. My role is to educate applicants to seek alternative form of accommodation. Reliable / Dependable, currently at my work place; I am regarded unofficially as the team leader whenever the manager is not around. Generally colleagues would come to me for insights, as they perceive me to be competent well above what it is required of the job.

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I generally perform well at work that even my manager often forgets to supervise me at regular interval. Independent / Independence of Mind, although I may be incline to respect rules and regulations, but at times I tend to free myself from constraints of conventions, especially if I see it necessary in solving problems. I generally get irritated with group think regarding processes and procedures at work. Weaknesses Sceptical of others ideas / feedback, this stems from my distrustful nature. In order to be effective in my future career, I would need to encourage rather than be dismissive of others views and be accommodating to feedbacks.

Slightly introverted, I generally try my best to conform to team norms; but I occasionally do not get involve in certain team activities. Occasionally Unsparing, I often can be resolute about how things should be dealt with, I sometimes get critical of colleagues if tasks are not done the way expect them to be. Opportunities Immigration quota on specialist IT consultants coming in to UK since June 2010, due to quota policy put in place by the current government regarding highly skill migrants, it would probably increase my chance of finding a contract in the IT sector.

Diversification of skills, I would be able to enhance my employability skills by enrolling on the courses mentioned in my action plan and have much better prospect of maintaining my career in the wilder world. Following the analysis of my questionnaire, which ask colleagues at work to state what they like and dislike about my personality? The result was not too dissimilar to what all the other tests were already indicating. Even though they perceived to be very conscientious, intelligent and logical they dislike the fact that I sometimes do not conform to the group ethics either socially or playing the politically game.

Fifteen out of twenty two colleagues that took part mentioned the fact that I don't take part in many of the social rituals taking place at work. The overwhelming majority of my colleagues acknowledged that I am conscientious. To further identify areas of need, the recommended manager's textbook was useful to my research. The book exercises, allowed me a degree of introspection. It highlighted skills for me to develop, if was to realise my future goal of being a successful IT manager.

Social skills and Mental agility score for me was very high. Pedler, M. (2007) It is imperative for me to enhance my interpersonal skills in order for me to attain my targets, according to Stephen P. Robbins textbook. "Any successful manager would be required to have four critical skills, such as conceptuality; (the ability to analyse and diagnose complex situation); interpersonal (the ability to work with and understand others); technical (applying specialised knowledge); and political (enhancing one's position and building a power base).

" Robbins, S. (2004) While my mental agility skill score is also high, I actually disagree with the authors' conclusion that this is a developmental area. The reason being for any manager to make decisions that are needed intermittently, especially critical ones, h/she has to look at the situation holistically in order to make crucial decisions, rather than making quick inaccurate or intuitive decisions. The scores indicated to me that all other skills in the book are well within my grasp.

The various personality tests I undertook suggest that I am introverted by nature, building personal relationship a not my forte and I would normally shy away from entanglement with others. While my personal style inventory, Myers Briggs indicator and problem solving style tests indicated that I am introverted, sensing, thinking and judging, they disagree with Jung type on intuition. I happen to agree with Myers Briggs and the rest that I am more of a sensing person than intuitive. I am rather practical, factual and I normally demand clarity, so on that basis I disagree with Jung test.

Various tests indicates that I tend to be very logical in my thinking, thus constantly asking questions of why decisions are been made. I have a very good sense of thinking and judging, I hopefully believe that these traits will be very useful for my future analyst career. I tend to rationalise, analyse and make decision dispassionately and objectively without being swayed by too much by emotions. I generally find it stressful when my daily routine is disorganised, friends and colleagues would normally make comments such as, that I am too organised and task oriented.

According to Robbins, S. (2005), I fit into the realistic / investigative type, judging by the Holland Personality types. I prefer to analyse situations, do practical activities and I profoundly guard my independence. The Johari Window test shows that my first quadrant is very small. This indicates that my interpersonal skills are limited, which further proves what all other tests are confirming about my introverted nature. But, I disagree with Johari's notion that there is an absolute correlation between lack interpersonal and communication skill.