SCENE 1 Summary
- introduction of Eunice, coloured woman, stella, Mitch and Stanley
- undercurrent of tension btw Blanche and Stella - loss of Belle Reve, funerals
- first interaction of Stanley and Blanche
- The boy - the boy died she sinks back down 'I'm afraid I'm going to be sick' Her head falls on her arms
SCENE 2 Summary
- Stella and Stanley - Stanley's fury - Napoleonic Code
- Stanley and Blanche - papers and love letters
- Blanche learns that Stella is pregnant; 'I was flirting with your husband' ; 'we thrashed everything out'
- 'red hots'; Blanche; 'The blind are - leading the blind' Bellowing laughter, the blue piano and hot trumpet
SCENE 3 Summary
- start of poker game - male banter
- Blanche and Stella return; Blanche asks abt Mitch; Stanley turns off the radio - drunk, losing, resentful, angry
- Blanche and Mitch talk - 'I shall but love thee better after death'
- Stanley throws radio out of window; Stanley hits Stella; screaming and commotion
- Stanley sobbing and Stella returns to him - 'low animal moans'
- Mitch offers Blanche comfort; 'Thank you for being so kind. I need kindness now'
SCENE 4 Summary
- Stella 'narcotised tranquillity' the morning after
- Blanche's nervous agitation; Stella tells her abt the marriage and Blanche tries to tempt Stella away from Stanley - Shep Huntleigh
- The overhearing scene - Stanley overhears Blanche describe him as a 'survivor of the stone age'
- Stella and Stanley embrace and Stanley grins at Blanche; the blue piano; trumpet and drums
SCENE 5 Summary
- Blanche writes a letter to Shep
- Eunice and Steve fight
- Star signs and Stanley asks if Blanche knows anyone called Shaw; Blanche confides in Stella ' I've run for protection from under one leaky roof to another leaky roof' her hysterical scream when the coke is spilt
- Blanche and the young man
- Mitch arrives with roses; 'My Rosenkavalier! Bow to me first! Then present them. (She curtsies low) Ahh merci!'
SCENE 6 Summary
- Mitch and Blanche uncomfortable small talk
- Blanche tells Mitch abt Allan Grey
- Blanche and Mitch embrace - 'Could it be - you and me, Blanche?' ; 'Sometimes - there's God - so quickly!'
SCENE 7 Summary
Some months later - Blanche's Birthday
- Stanley 'has got the dope' on Blanche and triumphantly tells Stella about Lie Number One, Lie Number Two; this is counter-pointed with Blanche singing 'It wouldn't be make believe if you believed in me' in the bath
- Stanley has told Mitch and has bought Blanche a bus ticket home - 'her future is mapped out for her'
- Blanche enters and realises smth is wrong - 'you're lying! Something has! (she stares fearfully at Stella. The distant piano goes into a hectic breakdown)
SCENE 8 Summary
Blanche's Birthday
- 3/4 of an hour later; Blanche tries to make conversation at her birthday party
- Stella calls Stanley a 'pig' and he (hurls a plate to the floor); Blanche wants to call Mitch
- Stanley reminds Stella of the 'coloured lights' while Blanche calls Mitch
- Stanley tells Blanche that he is 'not a Polack' but 'one hundred percent American'
- The phone rings - but it is not Mitch; Stanley gives Blanche her birthday present; the bus ticket back to Laurel; Stella goes into Labour
- Blanche is left alone, hearing the polka, twisting a washcloth and whispering 'El pan de mais'
SCENE 9 Summary
Blanche's Birthday
- Blanche is alone drinking; Mitch is aggressive; he rips off the paper lantern
- Blanche tells him 'I don't want realism ... I'll tell you what I want. Magic' ; 'I thanked God for you because you seemed to be so gentle - a cleft in the rock of the world that I could hide in' ; 'I didn't lie in my heart'
- Mexican flower seller 'flores para los meurtos'; the opposite of death is desire
- Mitch attempts to rape Blanche; 'Fire! Fire! Fire!' (Blanche falls to her knees. The distant piano is slow and blue)
SCENE 1O Summary
Blanche's Birthday
- Blanche is dressed up, drunk and half crazy; Stanley returns, plays along with Blanche's make-believe abt Shep Huntleigh but turns on her when she says Mitch came back with roses - It's all 'lies and conceit and tricks'
- Builds up the rape - (lurid reflections, shadows are grotesque and menacing, the night is filled with inhuman voices like cries in a jungle; the prostitute and drunkard are seen outside in the street; blue piano and locomotive)
- 'We've had this date with each other from the beginning' (She sinks to her knees. He picks up her inert figure and carries her to the bed. The hot trumpet and drums from the Four Deuces sound loudly)
SCENE 11 Summary
Several weeks later...
- Subdues poker game; Stella and Eunice talk - 'I couldn't believe her story and go on living with Stanley', 'Don't ever believe it. Life has got to go on'. Blanche believes she is going away with Shep Huntleigh
- Doctor and Matron arrive; Blanche panics and hears the polka and jungle cries; Stanley rips off the paper lantern; Stella: 'What have I done to my sister?' Mitch tries to hit Stanley but just (collapses at the table sobbing)
- Blanche leaves calmly on the arm of the doctor - 'Whoever you are - I have always depended on the kindness of strangers '
- Stella weeps and Stanley tries to comfort her; 'This game is seven-card stud'