Bianca Bailout for giving us enough information about the existing Inventory System of PIMP Drugstore. To our friends, IBIS al- SST. Mark for helping us although they are also busy in doing their thesis and for keeping us laughing in spite of all the tenseness that we were stumble upon doing our study. To our loving parents, for the support and unconditional understanding by providing our needs, without them, this thesis will not be possible to succeed. To our Almighty Father, we thank you for giving us the power and strength to finish this thesis.

Dedication The proponents dedicate this study to their parents. Without their patience, understanding, support and most of all love, this work would not have been possible. To all the Information Systems students, today, computer creates a greater impact in completing the day to day activities. To our friends who are always there to support To all the people who inspired us to pursue and finish this study, and to our professors who absolutely extend their help in so many ways. Without these people, this study would become useless.

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Deal Cruz, Melvin S. Abacas, Jeffrey R. Omnipotence, Darrell A. Francisco, Alvin C. Abstract Inventory is basically the total amount of goods and materials held in stock by a factory, store and other business. This can be the food held in stock by a restaurant or the produce held for sale by a store. For a business to be run efficiently it is important that they keep a record of their inventory as this keeps them informed of hen they are running short of something and need to restock to ensure they can serve their customers.

An inventory system is used for this purpose. All through the study, the proponents used descriptive method, creative research following techniques were utilized: observation, interview and questionnaire. This data gathering instruments helped determine how the existing system operates and the proposed system proficiency in providing the needs of users. Different analytical tools were used in designing the proposed system, these are: Visual Table of Content (VETO), Input-output-process (IIOP), Data Flow Diagram (DVD) and Program Flowchart.

Review of Related Literatures and Studies Related Literature Related Studies Conceptual Framework Chapter Ill. Methodology Methodology Methods and Techniques of the Study Population Sampling Research Instrument Data Gathering and Procedures Chapter IV. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data Data Processing and Statistical Treatment Current Inventory System of Pimp Drugstore Gauge Proposed Inventory System of Pimp Drugstore Gauge Summary Recommendation Conclusion References Appendices A. Questionnaire B. Supporting Documents C. Data Flow Diagram D.