Once in a great while a person may have the chance to experience beauty so great that it seems to be of another world. There is such a place, a large clearing within a dense green forest. The edges of the clearing are shady and cool, but within the open field, the sun shines brightly, creating warmth. The open center of the clearing offers a view of a clear view sky, dotted with light, smooth, soft clouds. It's quiet. Only the birds and insects disturb the silence.

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Lush grass over a cushion of soft earth provides open seating for a grasshopper symphony. When not so near to the ground, clean air is fresh and cool with the scent of pine. To one side of the clearing, the earth is pressed down and filled with water of a clear, glass-like lake. With a single touch, a leaf sends ripples throughout. At its center, an ageless weeping willow sits with is roots extended, making itself into an island. So high is the willow, that its top branches would not be visible if one were to stand beneath it, for it rises above all other trees in the forest.

The old willows vines reach the water, creating a curtain of vines around it. A canoe waits on the shore opposite the tree, and a visitor could glide across the water to the willow tree, and open the curtain of vines to see the massive willows trunk. Its body, as big as a wall, could never be hugged by human arms, but on the northern side, a broad branch grows low enough for climbing. If a child were to grasp the branch, he could pull himself up into the rough, thick tree, full of age, strong and stern as a grandpa.

A child could climb higher and higher, as the vines grow thinner and thinner. Climbing beyond the vines and into the sunlight, brighter and brighter, he would see the view above every other tree, all the forest laid out, as well as the small field of grass, and the lake, with its crystal reflection of the willow against the sky. The fresh scent of the air is as clean as the pure blue of the sky. The blues and greens of water and sky are soft against the hard long edges of the vines and the willow tree.

At any time, on any day, the weeping Lillo waits, hoping to be climbed and loved, and to share its beautiful view. The summer is hot, but the cool of the lake relieves the clearing of the harsh heat. Every morning, plants have their morning drink of diamond dew droplets which come to sit upon their leaves, giving them energy for the day. In the afternoons, the heat touches upon everything with a little push. In the evening, a soft cool breeze relieves the forest of the afternoon heat. In autumn, leaves change from green to golden yellows, vivid oranges, and deep reds.

Cool winds blow, becoming cold winter winds that take ever the forest. Fall's colorful leaves fall from the trees, leaving them bare, and the summer's morning dew becomes the winter's morning frost. Crystal flakes as light as feathers begin to fall from the clouds, and soon enough, the liquid lake becomes solid, and winter has come into fullness. Even in the cold, the sun shines. The weeping willow blocks out the cold winds with its blanket of vines. She tries to be welcoming, even in this inhospitable season. She sometimes has a spectacular show to offer.

Every few winters a phenomena develops in the sky and the heavens reveal a cost incredible secret, a precious collection of lights the sky has gathered to shine upon the earth; the Northern Lights. Winter can't endure. The sunlight has its way, and the frigid ice must yield. Spring flowers bloom upon the weeping willow, giving gentle colors that stand against all of the browns and greens of the forest. The sunshine makes them glow as their colors reflect into the forest. All seasons have gifts in this place, and every aspect is full of beauty. Over a lifetime, the seasons come and go, and offer other-worldly beauty.