As far Joe the Jerk is concerned; communication, team work, knowing how to comfort individuals and being able to receive constructive criticism whether it is good or bad are all components of being an effective leader. "A real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided (Tony Robbins). " There are many different effective leadership styles that can be utilized by managers in order to get there point across. When is the appropriate time to deal with situations that affects the moral of the module?

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Both manager and staff must modify their behavior and preferences in creating a living, breathing organization (Rained, p. 270). In evaluating Joan on how she has utilized her role to ensure that lower- management upholds their position in creating a positive environment when it comes to the module associates that works for the assistant module managers. It seems that she doesn't have control over one (AM) named Joe. A good way that Joan might assure that the organizations and her expectations of her staff is met is to sure that everyone is aware of the required staff level requirements and Job satisfaction that is required of them.

Joan took notice to the module group associates concerns about how Joe attitude has effected the motivation and the work satisfactions by taking everyone on a weekend retreat that allowed the team to go through some development exercises. Organizational leaders must constantly maintain a flow of resources into their organization to cover incentives that must be paid out to induce people to contribute o the organization (Bernard, 1938; Simon, 1948; March and Simon, 1958 p. 258) Incentives are the food that keeps the organizational organism alive.

Without the participation of its members, an organization does not exist (Rained, p. 69). A financial motivator that Joan my use while trying to create the best environment to work in is, for them to be able to receive incentive bonuses and raises each year based on their performance and educational reimbursement. A nonofficial motivator would be being able to work from home, work life balance and having a supervisor/manager hat is willing to work with you when a situation may arise. This is important so there is a working relationship between each of the parties that are involved.

The nonofficial motivators are priceless. There is always going to be situations that can't be helped, but for Joan being able to have a relationship with the module members it will always help the situation. There will be certain techniques that supervisors/ managers can apply to their leadership styles that they have learned. Motivating employees and keeping each individual motivated is a hard task to accomplish; specially when it comes to different personalities while working in a team environment.

Joan could use the behavior modification which refers to the techniques that apply principles of operant conditioning of the way that Joe the Jerk behaves. The technique that Joan should apply would be the simple structure. She can apply different types of reinforcement while dealing with the dilemma of Joe. While Joan maybe having second thoughts on how to handle Joe she was reinforce and determine different consequences for his know behavior. By taking these measures Joan can assure than she has the attention of Joe.

What is meant by reinforcement for Joes behavior is providing him with coaching opportunities, transferring him to another depart and/or demoting him from is current position as (AM). By Joan taking these actions it will show Joe that she is not playing any games when it comes belittling other module associate on his team or communicating In conclusion there many different leadership and communication techniques that are utilized by management in when there comprise situations that need to be handled.

Teamwork s what makes the organization run along with having a strong leadership team that know how to talk, motivate and guide the individuals they are in charge of. According to Hill of the NY Daily News, "Good leaders have a thorough understanding of how they're perceived. This knowledge will make you better able to communicate with employees and understand what qualities you need to work on to manage more effectively'; is a development that Joan could have provided Joe with in order to understand where the module associates was coming from while he was degrading hem.