Practicing a healthy life-style decreases health care costs and increases a healthier life. A major concern of a healthy lifestyle is the eating habits. What should people be doing to live a healthy life ? People must eat right, exercise regularly and keep the mind calm and content. Eating right is not about avoiding fatty foods, cutting down on caffeine and signing an expensive contract for a gym membership. You Just have to consider how certain foods will affect your body and be in control of your food intake. You should not be starving yourself the whole day only to eat one huge meal.

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You should be eating a light breakfast and lunch and one slightly heavy meal Just before pm and live room for a snack like fruit to avoid waking up in the middle of the night hungry. Eating healthy does not mean that you will be a health freak but simply meaner that you will be in control of your food intake and your eating routine. Exercising regularly is another way of living a healthy lifestyle. You do not need to have a fixed session at a certain gymnasium to exercise, a simple way to exercise is to sake walks at a minimum of 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes maybe with a friend or take your pet with.

It is also good to stretch before and after an exercise. Stretching enables you to do more than you would do if you had not stretched. Stretching is like a quick warm up before you do your major workout. Less flexibility meaner a less range of movement in your daily life, like bending down or twisting to pick up something. Living a healthy lifestyle can help us fight off diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol. It also helps build self confidence , more energy to do ark, keeps us feeling young and fresh, maintains our day to day happiness and increases our lifespan.

If you look at the kids today, obesity is very popular. These kids do not play because of the technology we have, they get home from school, sit inferno of the television, computer, laptop or tablet and they would play games such as palpitation and other computer games till they fall asleep. They also have smartness where they chat away with their friends on the many social networks we have. These children grow up to be obese, they have no confidence and are more likely to catch diseases at a very young age.

Parent's should teach their children to go play for tallest 30 minutes or have them enrolled in a sport of their desire. That way we will have much more happier kids. In conclusion, living a healthy life does not mean that you have to be wealthy to live a healthy lifestyle or about you avoiding a sickness in future, it simply meaner that you will be choosing to live a happier, positive life and mindset. Therefore living a healthy lifestyle is a necessity and not a luxury because it can help us live a longer and productive life. It is about saying.