Chapter One
- 47 is 14
- big mama Flore Raised him
- His mother died from child birth
- lives on the Corinthian Plantation
- Works in the barn
- His master is tobias
- 1832
Chapter Two
- 47 moves to the slave cabins
- 47 meets Pritchard
- Pritchard brands 47
- champ beats up pritchard.
Q: Children resist slavery better than Men and Women because children believe in dreams.
Chapter Three
- 47 starts to pick cotton
- his hands have deep cuts from picking the cotton. he got an infection.
- 47 picked cotton with 84
- mud albert let 47 be a messenger boy
Chapter Four
- master tobias lets the slaves have a burial ceremony for ****** ned
-gives disrespectful eulogy
- Mr. Pike warns tobias about a runaway slave
Chapter Five
-47 runs away from Ned's funeral
-47meets Tall John in the woods
-Tall John takes 47 to Winslet Canyon to show him the beuaty of nature
-47 and Tall John meet Tobias and the bloodhounds
Chapter Six
-47 starts to like Tall John and wants to be friends with him right away
-Tobias accepted Tall John as his own slave
Chapter Seven
-They go back to the slave quarters and meet the other men and Tall John charms them with wit
-Mud Albert asks Tall John if he is High John the Conquerer, the "trickster from Africa"
-Tall John says no, he came to find 47
-puts all to sleep with his bell, they find the yellow sack, retrieve his "science," heals 47 hands
Chapter Eight
-47 feels great! hands are healed and no pain
-Tall John names Eighty-four "Tweenie" and flirts with her because she is beautiful
-Tall John picks and carries all the cotton
Chapter Nine
- Tall John talks to 84
- john asked about 84's children
- 84 told tall john about her children
- 84 and tall john cry together
Chapter 10
- John talked to the other slaves in the cabin
-John said to the other slaves that they should trust 47
- John tells 47 he has a powerful blood type
Chapter 11
- They talk about Fred chocolate
- Eloise becomes sick
- tall john said he could heel her
- they had to go get herbs to heal Eloise
Chapter 12
- John and 47 went into the woods to get herbs for Eloise.
- They talk about how 84 is beautiful
- They swam in a pond
- 47 said that was the best time he had in his life.
Chapter 13
- 47 had a dream that showed were tall john came from
- Tall john had transformed
- he was taller and he was orange
- he told 47 about the talam and the calash.
- Tall johns real name was N'Clect
Chapter 14
- they got the herbs for eloise
- went back to the plantation
- Tall john talked to tobias like a white man
- they healed Eloise
- Tobias says that the lord healed his daughter
- knock 47 and tall john out
Chapter 15
-John and 47 are put in the tomb
- they stay there all day and a ll night
- they almost pasted out
- 84 brought them food
- Tall john took them to a magical place in their mind
- Mud Albert was shot
- 47 and john were whipped
Chapter 16
-47 and 84 save tall john from mr. stewarts killing shack
- 47 blinds mr stewart
- 84 kills mr stewart
- they run away with tall john.