Essay assignments are crucial for your application for a decent scholarship. All the students know that there are lots of different types of essays and other writing assignments. Moreover, almost all the students know which approach they should choose before they start to write their papers.

But younger scholars are scarcely familiar with tips on how to compose the essay. Application essay assignment wants you to figure out the topic of the text and the techniques of creating its structure yourself. That is why you are proposed to make an acquaintance with several prompts of writing your essay in the most appropriate way.

College Essay Prompts

This article does not propose you to learn the structure of the essay, rules of writing but only advice that would help to fill your text with the sense and to find an appropriate choice of college essay topics. Let`s look it through.

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  1. Choose the topic you are the best at.

Most likely you would apply for several institutions so in the regard of the essay you should concentrate on one topic for all the applications. If you choose the way of different topics you would not have a possibility to study the topic in its length and breadth. Remember, that your essay should be the best one.

  1. Write about your growing up.

Do not write dull facts about your biography. Mention some events that affected you the most and contributed your shift from childhood to more mature phases of life. Do not stay at the position of the connection of these events with your family – write everything that could happen even beyond your family.

  1. Tell about your mental breakthroughs.

It is always exciting to read how one single person comes up with a new idea. Describe this process including the details of where it happened, why you think it happened and how your worldview changed after this insight.

  1. Discover your failure.

Concentrate on something that changed your life in this way. Everyone tells about his or her merits and it is very boring. It will help to create a greater emotional connection between you and your reader if you write about the story you feel the shame of. But do not just mention it – tell how it learned you and how you changed your attitude towards single issue or a whole life in the context of your failure.

  1. If you were a teacher for one lesson what it would be about.

Try to take this advice light-headedly and come up with something thrilling. Remember that you a have a freedom to choose any topic.

  1. Express your feelings towards a character from cinematograph or literature.

Everyone loves sharing the tastes. You should not have scruples about telling these facts because it pictures your personality. It may be good or bad character, or maybe you can concentrate on the deed of this character. However, share your tastes in this field honestly and describe why you treat him in this way.

  1. Tell what you aim for in the life.

Continuing the theme of revealing your personality, you need to unfold your life goals. Here you also need to be honest because the otherwise there is no sense in this unfolding. Speak on what you want out of your studies, how you want to build your career and what is your attitude towards family. Do not be shy – no one is going to condemn your view of your future.

  1. Why do you want to be a part of this institution?

Attention! Milestone! This is obvious advice but invent something great. Surprise those who will read it with some unexpected facts. Do not tell that this college is great and Steve Jobs recommended it years ago. Come up with the idea how this concrete institution will help you to reach your goals.

  1. Refer to the quote that is your motto.

Pick a quote that is not widely used. Try to avoid the expressions of famous people because your resemblance with Sir Churchill is dubious. Free advice: each professor is familiar with almost all quotes of famous people. So try to find something unique and unexpected. And still be sincere.

  1. Speak on your hobbies.

In order to simplify the perception of the essay you may make room for this kind of personal details. It is not as interesting as sharing your favorite character but more straightforward and easy to perceive. And it still gives a picture of your personality.

  1. Tell what you hate.

Essay for application is the best way to at last express your hatred. Write why you hate something and how it influences your life. Your score will be higher if you come up with a solution to this problem for you.

  1. Describe the places you want to visit.

Imagine that you have all needed resources such as time, money and desire to travel and tell where you would like to go. Concentrate on a single place or on several places that connected in some way. Explain why you prefer these places.

  1. Which artwork would you recommend to everyone?

Tell about a book, movie, picture, painting, sonata, opera, sculpture – anything that you consider to be a thing of a must see/hear list. Explain why and it affected your life.

  1. Mention your passion.

Passion is not a hobby. Passion is what you are obsessed with. Tell why you learn it and what attracts you in this field.

  1. What do you want to do in this institution?

Do not tell about parties and new friends but about something more significant. However, it does not mean that you have to write that by means of college you want to become a President. Though, why not?

  1. Tell about a significant person in your life.

Moreover, students mention relatives and it`s ok. But try to invent something more exciting and bethink at least your French teacher that instilled love for chanson française and the whole French culture. Hope you like France.

  1. Which day of your life would you change?

Do not be afraid of telling this kind of personal information. It would emotionally bring you and your reader together. Explain why this day is so significant and why you do not feel satisfaction of your action this day.

  1. Top 10 list.

Any kind of list: list of coffee grains, movies, butterflies, basketball players or Formula1 racer. And of course, provide a description of each position.

  1. If you had a chance to have a lunch with someone famous (both living and dead) who would you choose?

Why do you find this person interesting and what would you talk about? Don`t forget to mention your menu.

  1. Your portrait.

The last but not the least and not very surprising tip. Everyone who reads your essay wants to know who you are. Go on with a simple description of your personality on the example of your deeds or citation of the traits of your character if you do not want to use more specific ways. But at least be original in this essay.