What happened on the sixth day of Hate Week?
They would hang the Eurasian prisoners. Oceania was at war with Eastasia, not Eurasia.
What is the explanation for the Eurasia signs, when the enemy really comes from Eastasia?
they despised it, Goldstein or spies set it up
What happened for Winston during the disorder of tearing down posters?
a man told him he dropped his briefcase ("The Book")
Why, at the end of the rally, did everyone from the Ministry of Truth have to go to work?
they had to changed the past 6 years of history
Through record time, what has there always been?
high, middle, low class
What are the three ways in which was is different than it was in the earlier decades of the Twentieth Century?
you don't change the past, everyone has an opinion, can't control everyone
How much of Earth's population exists between the nebulous frontiers of the superstates?
What is the primary aim of warfare since whatever resources are gained are used to support war?
labor power
How was a hierarchical society possible?
it was based on poverty & ignorance. Blind loyalty
War not only destroys, but i has an added benefit. What is it?
surplus, extended labor
What word is missing in Newspeak?
What are the two aims of the Party?
conquer the Earth & eliminate individual thoughts
What are the two problems that make up the only subject matter of scientific thought?
the ability to wipe everyone out. human will & thought
Why are the citizens of Oceania forbidden to learn a foreign language or have contact with foreigners?
they would realized that there are people like them. they would start to rebel
Oceania's philosophy is Ingsoc. What are the other two superstates' philosophies?
Neo-Bolshevism and Death-Worship
How would Winston define a good book?
the ones that tell you what you already know
What was Julia's response when Winston told her that he received the book?
dull, she tells him to read it to her
What are the different aims of the different types of people in the world?
high class: to stay on top
middle class: to get on top of the higher class
low class: everyone be equal
How has the Lows' position in life been softened?
it hasn't
Machines made it possible that people no longer had to do what?
have a social life and interact with people
Who made up the new Aristocracy?
scientists, technicians, sociologists, teachers
The difference between Ingsoc and older forms of totalitarian society?
citizens are under surveillance
How did film and radio help the process of a totalitarian society?
made it easier to manipulate people
What are the four ways in which a ruling group can fall from power?
-economic downfall, revolt
-conquered from without
-govern inefficiently
-allows a strong & discontented Middle group
How can a government make sure that its people don't become aware that they are oppressed?
if they don't compare things
What happens to the most gifted of the Proles?
they are vaporized
Explain, how the Party is not a class in the old sense of the word.
everyone is the same, but the government selects people from each class
Who wields the power is not important. What is important?
the structure of the Party
Explain Crimestop.
protective stupidity
What would be an easier name to call Crimestop?
protect stupid name
What are the two main reasons for altering the past?
1. subsidiary
2. precautionary
Explain the term Blackwhite.
there are two different kinds of people, reality control
Winston closes the book right before learning what?
there is truth & untruth. The motive of the Party, and wants to know why