Digital literacy
involves having a current knowledge and understanding of computers, mobile devices, the Internet, and related technologies

is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory

is a light-sensing input device that converts printed text and images into a form the computer can process

output device
is any hardware component that conveys information from a computer or mobile device to one or more people

is an output device that produces text and graphics on a physical medium such as paper

is an output device that visually conveys text, graphics, and video information

A computer keeps data, instructions, and information on a
storage media

storage device
records (writes) and/or retrieves (reads) items to and from storage media

is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals

The World Wide Web
is a global library of information available to anyone connected to the Internet

web server
is a computer that delivers requested webpages to your computer

is software that enables users with an Internet connection to access and view webpages on a computer or mobile device

A search engine
is software that finds websites, webpages, images, videos, news, maps, and other information related to a specific topic

online social network
encourages members to share their interests, ideas, stories, photos, music, and videos with other registered users

Green computing
involves reducing the electricity consumed and environmental waste generated when using a computer

also called a program, tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them

communications device
is hardware capable of transferring items from computers and devices to transmission media and vice versa

wireless communications technologies include
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular radio

is a collection of computers and devices connected together via communications devices and transmission media

Operating system
The system software provided to a computer user by the computer manufacturer. Popular operating systems include Microsoft Windows and the Apple Macintosh's OS.

optical disc
A data storage device in the form of a cd or dvd.

peripheral device
Any device connected to a computer such as a printer, monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, or wifi antenna.

enables users to speak to other users over the Internet

is an Internet standard that permits file uploading and downloading to and from other computers on the Internet

is the code of acceptable Internet behavior

Web publishing
is the development and maintenance of websites

Web 2.0
refers to websites that provide a means for users to share personal information, allow users to modify website content, and provide applications through a browser

DNS server
translates the domain name into its associated IP address

domain name
is a text-based name that corresponds to the IP address

personal computer
is a computer that can perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities by itself and is intended to be used by one person at a time

Cloud computing
refers to an environment of servers that house and provide access to resources users access through the Internet

digital camera
is a mobile device that allows users to take photos and store the photographed images digitally

embedded computer
is a special-purpose computer that functions as a component in a larger product

is the point at which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with a computer or mobile device so that the peripheral device can send data to or receive information from the computer or mobile device

joins a cable to a port

surge protector
uses electrical components to provide a stable current flow and minimize the chances of an overvoltage reaching the computer and other electronic equipment

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
is a device that contains surge protection circuits and one or more batteries that can provide power during a temporary or permanent loss of power

repetitive strain injury(RSI)
is an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and joints

system unit
a case that contains electronic components of the computer used to process data

Short for World Wide Web Consortium. It is the international governing body for the development of platform independent web standards and specifications.

The precursor to the Internet, ARPANET was a large wide-area network created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Established in 1969, ARPANET served as a testbed for new networking technologies, linking many universities and research centers.

An online scam that uses e-mail to "fish" for users' private information by imitating legitimate companies.

Software or online service that collects RSS feeds

Is the retrieval of any file from a web server.

is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video?

The Internet is a worldwide network. What is the World Wide Web?
It is a service on the Internet.

consists of electronic components that store instructions waiting to be executed and data needed by those instructions

power user
include engineers, scientists, architects, desktop publishers, and graphic artists

virus signatures
The term for known specific patterns of viruses?

used by a variety of industries, including oil drilling, power generating, food production, and automobile manufacturing.

is NOT an operating system used by today's computers and mobile devices?

Most memory keeps data and instructions permanently.

If someone feels distressed when deprived of computers and mobile devices, that person is said to suffer from
Technology overload

To what does the term, traffic, refer to when used in conjunction with the Internet
the communications activity on the Internet

is the term for the picture/video message service available on smartphones and other mobile devices